No, no, not that cat… Some guy “borrowed” a 80-year-old lady’s Siamese, fitted Coco the wandering feline with GPS-enabled war driving hardware and, boom, behold the war kitten! A cultural meme is born and the final proof that, yes, cats are superior to dogs.

The annual blackhat hacker conference, Defcon, is always good for a couple good headlines. In addition to a seemingly apocryphal story about 1.2 billion personal records being stolen by Russian hackers, there is the story of Coco, the Siamese War Kitteh.

Left: Coco, the war kitteh. Right: War kitteh hardware
Left: Coco, the war kitteh. Right: War kitteh hardware

Late last month, a Siamese cat named Coco went wandering in his suburban Washington, DC neighborhood. He spent three hours exploring nearby backyards. He killed a mouse, whose carcass he thoughtfully brought home to his octogenarian owner, Nancy. And while he was out, Coco mapped dozens of his neighbors’ Wi-Fi networks, identifying four routers that used an old, easily-broken form of encryption and another four that were left entirely unprotected — Wired

Coco the Siamese War Kitteh is owned by an 80-plus-year-old lady. She, the cat, was kitted out to war drive the neighborhood by the husband of the nice lady’s granddaughter to map open and vulnerable routers.

Wow, just wow — Coco the Siamese War Kitteh delivered big time!

I will never look at the crazy cat lady down the street in the same way again. Seriously, she has the perfect (NSA?) cover and there is one on every street…

What’s your take?

Via: Engadget