Which Twitter Channels A Modern Man Should Follow

Do you remember Internet Relay Chats aka IRC chat rooms? If you are a millennial or a member of any following generation than you probably never used it. Back then, at the end of the ’80s, that was the only way people could be “social” on the Internet. While living in the present moment in the history of social media, it’s hard to even imagine this.

Years later (2006), little blue bird starts tweeting in the electronic branches, with a fresh new song, unknown to networking. Twitter is different from any other social network, or better, it’s a great mixture of characteristics that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms have.

Singers, actors, football players, former and current country presidents, it seems that everybody is tweeting these days. Being present on this network is not only a matter of pleasure but also a kind of necessity. The most-followed accounts have over one hundred million followers, each. Of course, it’s possible to buy Twitter followers or to use some growth tool to enlarge their number. It’s not too much of a surprise that some companies and business people were not hesitant to do so. Little bird is, obviously, powerful.

Speaking of power, Twitter grew to over 100 million tweets per quarter, in less than two years of its existence. In 2019, 500 million tweets were sent each day.  At the end of the same year, this platform had 330 million monthly active users, and of these almost 145 million were active on a daily basis.

Twitter’s demographic, in sens of age, is probably its biggest asset. Approximately 38% of users worldwide are between 18 to 29 years old, while 25% is within the range 30 to 49, meaning 63% of socially, politically, culturally and financially productive people.

Other statistics, such as one concerning the B2B marketers, describes perfectly the potential of this service, including how interactive and engaging it is. Over 65% of this business is using Twitter. The main reason is the possibility of a fast approach. Brands want to communicate with their clients directly, while clients want to reach brands easily and quickly. 

Twitter’s influencers are just one of its many specialties. Of course, they are active on other platforms, but on this one, it’s almost another dimension. Campaigns launched by both brands and influencers will be 5.2 times more driven, in sense of purchase, compared to 2.7 times if they are executed from the company’s account only. Needless to say, influencers have different impacts, depending on the industries. Not only because of the diverse number of followers but simply as some people have bigger authority than others.

Based on “A guide to social media platforms and demographics” issued by the London School of Economics, this service seems to be mostly the “boy’s playground” with 34% female and 66% male users. The reason, according to Jane M. Zhu, assistant professor of the medicine at Oregon Health and Sciences University, Pennsylvania, is that real-life power dynamics have a tendency to reflect on social media.

The 21st-century modern man likes to use Twitter to find various information, opinions, or just entertainment and relaxation. There are no wrong or right profiles, but to be honest, some are just more useful and interesting than others. It’s a matter of preference, taste, need or trend.

The men who are looking for inspiration, marketing insights and motivation should follow Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee), entrepreneur, CEO, co-founder of several companies, and an investor in Uber, Facebook, and Twitter. Besides the fact that he’s a fresh and authentic creator, his competency combined with a sassy attitude makes his content simple to follow and understand. One of his statements, “the reason why chaos is easy for me is: I know I’m in control” describes him perfectly. If you need a good source of energy, but not food-related, Gary is your man.

For those men who like to examine marketing from female perspectives, Ann Handley (@marketingprofs) is an excellent choice. She is a content marketing expert, bestselling author, public speaker, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and, according to Forbs, “the most influential women on social media”. Ann is witty, creative and experienced. Of course, you should judge Ann’s content by yourself, and this quote might help: “Some things do need a slower, more thoughtful approach. But what’s more, there’s a magic in knowing which moments to embrace, as slow moments.”

If you are a man and interested to keep up with the latest technology and political topics, or the most recent news worldwide, look no further than The Economist’s (@theeconomist) account. Flash news and links to interesting articles, written in the most professional manner. Easy to find and read. What more to ask at the end of a busy day? However, if you are interested to learn about masculinity, marriage, and fatherhood than Hunter Drew (@HunterDrewTFA) is probably one of the best for those subjects. His pinned tweet is: “You can be a good man without being a father, but you will never be a good father if you are not good at being a man.”

Stylish men, who would like to be informed about new trends on time and accurately, should follow fashion photographers, such as Scott Shuman. His three-dimensional photos will not only give closeups into the style, but they are also a form of art, pleasurable to look at.

Men’s stylist and writer Tom Stubbs is an excellent person to follow if you are a man who likes modern look with the touch of classic elegance.

Finally, for entertainment purposes, following Funny or Die (@funnyordie) is a natural choice. Parodies, memes, unusual polls, celebrities news, you name it. The best way to describe it would be that people who create this content are very creative. The profile bio says it all: “Will Ferrell is our boss. We love to make you laugh.”

If you are considering the possibility to join Twitter, we strongly suggest to try it. Men can find a lot of useful, educational and informative content on this platform. Presuming that you are already there, we encourage you to check our recommendations or to find your new favorite creators, among over 300 million active users.