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Word Colors Free is an iPhone game developed by Flip Flop Games LLC. In this exhilarating word game, you score points for making long words…but score even more points when you make words with letter tiles that are all the same color.

To me, this blend of crossword-style word building and color matching is sort of like matching Uno and Scrabble. It’s not a perfect explanation of the game, but it helps give you the right idea. You’ll need to choose words carefully: you want both long words and words that are made from multiple tiles of the same color.

Word Colors Free iPhone GameWord Colors Free iPhone Game

For example, if you form a word with 3 green tiles in a row, you’ll get 3 times the points for those tiles. As with Scrabble and Words with Friends, the placement of your word on the board is also important.

Try to place your word on bonus squares like “Super Color” and “Wild Color” for maximum effect. Super Color changes all your tiles to the same color in order to boost your score, while Wild Color changes just one tile’s color.

Word Colors Free iPhone GameWord Colors Free iPhone Game

You can play with friends, or select a random opponent and meet people from all over the world. There’s a great sense of community in Word Colors Free. There’s a sort of forum called The Word Colors Wall, where you can look for a new opponent to challenge, or brag about your recent epic win.

If you’re tired of Words with Friends, Word Colors Free takes the traditional Scrabble-inspired model for mobile crossword games and adds in a fun new element. There are tons of ways to track your in-game stats, and the sense of community gives this game a fun edge over the competition.

Word Colors Free is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

  1. I love this game…been playing it for a long time… if you like Words with Friends, you will LOVE this one…

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