If you haven’t heard of XBMC, it is an open-source cross platform piece of software that allows you to turn almost any device into a media centre. In particular, in opens up a wide variety of features that are considered missing from the Apple TV. XBMC has just been updated to its latest release to support the newest 5.2 firmware on the Apple TV, making it compatible with the latest jailbreak.

The FireCore Dev-Team took to Twitter to announce that XBMC has been updated to support the new 5.2 firmware and can be downloaded straight away for use. On your Apple TV simply head to Maintenance -> Manage Extras and upgrade it from within there. Of course, you’ll need to be running FireCore’s Flash aTV software to have this option, together with a jailbroken Apple TV.

The official statement from XBMC is below:

As many of you likely have been aware, neither XBMC nor any other non-Apple media center has been available for the updated Apple TV 2 Software 5.2 (iOS 6.1).

Now, we are pleased to announce that XBMC finally supports this update, thanks to the incredible work of XBMC dev Memphiz.

To get your updates on, head over to our wiki and follow the instructionsfor Apple TV version 5.0 and up.

Keep in mind that currently the newest 3rd Generation of Apple TV cannot yet be jailbroken so this won’t apply to most of you, but if you’re lucky to have the 2nd generation Apple TV then go ahead and update, Jailbreak, and enjoy.

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