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Samsung Hits Apple With 20% Price Hike on iPhone, iPad Chips

November 12, 2012 | 1

Samsung has hit Apple with a 20% price hike on all A-series chips, according to an article in Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported by Market Watch.

Samsung currently supplies the A6 processor that powers the iPhone 5, and the A6X … Read More

iPad Mini LTE is a few days away

November 11, 2012 | 1

Even though the point of the iPad Mini was to make a budget Apple seven inch tablet, it seems some want to pay a good price for LTE to be fitted into their tablet, and the wait for this is … Read More

Samsung Nexus 10 officially announced, watch out Surface and iPad

October 29, 2012 |

Move over Microsoft’s Surface and Apple’s iPad, you have some new competition. Google and Samsung have now announced the previously rumored Samsung Nexus 10, and it is looking to be a rather impressive alternative to other 9 and 10-inch … Read More

Animation Desk for iPad is an Outstanding Animation Tool

October 27, 2012 |

Price: $4.99     Score: 10/10     Category: Entertainment

If you’ve always loved cartoons, maybe it’s time you started making some of your own. But what tool would be best for a beginning animator? My top pick: the … Read More

Light Breeze is a Challenging iPhone Puzzle Game

October 27, 2012 |

Price: $0.99     Score: 9/10     Category: Games

iPhone puzzle game addicts are always looking for a new twist on classic formulas to keep things fresh. If you’re in a bit of a puzzle rut, then you … Read More

Apple might allow some 3rd-gen Owners to switch to the new iPad 4th Generation model

October 24, 2012 | 2

A little surprised by how quickly the iPad 4th generation model appeared? You aren’t alone. It has been only a little over a half year since the iPad 3 debuted, which clearly breaks the normal cycle of about 12 … Read More

iPad Mini is Here – Full Feature Rundown

October 23, 2012 |

After months of rampant speculation and rumor mongering, the iPad Mini is finally here. Steve Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, unveiled the new iPad Mini today at a special Apple event at the California Theatre.

The 7.9 inch iPad … Read More

Apple HTML5 Acquisition Points to Future iOS

October 17, 2012 |

html5thumb Apple HTML5 Acquisition Points to Future iOSOne of the trademarks of Apple is that it makes its own products obsolete. The introduction of the iPhone killed sales of iPods, the iPad is supposedly killing laptops, and the rumored iPad Mini may actually start replacing the iPad. Regardless, Apple tries to prepare for whatever they think will be the next big thing in the mobile space. With that in mind, their most recent acquisition creates some interesting speculation.

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iPad Mini Release Date Announced: Will it Replace the iPad?

October 16, 2012 |

Despite the absolute overhaul of its current product line at its last press conference, there was a certain product that was missing from the Apple iPhone 5 press release. The heavily rumored iPad Mini was nowhere to be found. Many … Read More

iPad Mini Release Date Slated for October 23

October 13, 2012 |

The iPad Mini release date is just two weeks away according to a new report by reputable tech blog AllThingsD. The site quotes a source “familiar with Apple’s plans” and hints at what is likely to be an invitation-only iPad … Read More

Project Planning Pro for iPad Makes Project Management Easy

September 30, 2012 |

Price: Free    Score: 9/10     Category: Business

“Try before you buy” is a business model that works well across all industries. “Try before you buy” also works great with apps. And chances you, you’ll get hooked on … Read More

iPad with 16:9 Aspect Ratio in the Works?

September 28, 2012 |

The iPhone 5 brought several big changes to the table, but one of the biggest was the aspect ratio change. Gone is the 3:2 ratio that we’ve known and loved for the iPhone up until now, instead a true … Read More

Samsung Galaxy SIII Campaign Backfires, Promotes iPhone 5

September 19, 2012 | 4

Looks like the iPhone 5 got its payback for Samsung’s “It doesn’t take a genius” ad without Apple having to lift a finger.

A recent post by Samsung on its Facebook page asked the question “If you could only take … Read More

New Photo Leaks Reveal iPad Mini Design

September 7, 2012 |

New photos have appeared which allegedly show the rear casing of Apple’s much-rumored 7-inch iPad Mini. The images were first posted on a Chinese website and were reportedly obtained from an Apple manufacturer in Shenzen province.

The iPad Mini … Read More

LG had its own ‘iPAD’ in 2001

September 1, 2012 | 2

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Apparently in 2001 at a trade show in Germany, LG demoed the “Digital iPAD” a “linux-based web pad”. It came with a blazing fast 206mhz intel SOC and a mammoth 64mb of ram.  It even sported … Read More