5 Best Ways To Keep The Air In Your Home Fresh And Healthy

Good air quality is vital to keep every member of the family healthy. Pathogens and other harmful substances can stay in the air, affecting one’s health. Aside from that, bacteria from food scraps, pets, garbage, and wet laundry can make the air inside your house foul and smelly. It can be embarrassing to let any visitors in with a nasty odor and bad air quality.

Fortunately, there are methods to keep the air inside your home fresh and healthy. With these techniques, you can create a fresh atmosphere that will keep your family living happily and healthily inside the house. 

5 Best Ways To Keep The Air In Your Home Fresh And Healthy:

1. Ventilate

Humid and moldy environments can trigger asthma. Good ventilation in the home can help you avoid illnesses associated with poor air quality. Smoke, cooking odors, and indoor pollution must be expelled from your home through proper ventilation. Continuous ventilation is also beneficial to eliminate anything that obstructs the airflow in your home.

One of the most significant functions of ventilation is to control the quantity of moisture in your home. To reduce the accumulation of dangerous airborne pollutants in your indoor air, open your windows for five minutes a day. Then, when cleaning the room, make sure all the windows are open.

2. Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can remove up to 99.7% (some models, for example, Air Doctor 5000 even 99.99%) of the airborne contaminants circulating in your home. They lower the risk of health issues caused by indoor pollutants such as respiratory infections, neurological problems, or asthma. An air purifier works filtering the air circulation, trapping the pollutants, and releasing clean air. It leads to better sleep and a healthier body.

The most straightforward approach to maintaining a clean environment in your house is to run the air purifier continuously. Choose an air purifier with a carbon filter to eliminate unwanted odors in your room. These filters are designed to expel foul odors that have circulated throughout the room. 

3. Houseplants

Studies show that having an indoor plant decreases a person’s stress level. It helps with both physiological and physical aspects. This includes improving your mood, reducing fatigue, and boosting your productivity. It helps in improving the air quality in your room as well. 

Indoor plants are beneficial to those with respiratory issues, headaches, and allergies. Plants also release negative ions, which other devices have. It is also effective in removing any particles in the air, such as dust, mold spores, bacteria, and allergens. You can place any plant that you want. It is not only decorative but also beneficial to your health.

4. Don’t Use Toxic Cleaning And Cosmetic Products

Cleaning the house is essential to ensure that you are safe from any microbes around you. However, several cleaning products with harmful chemicals can cause danger to health. For example, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) cause chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and headaches.

The most common ingredients in cleaning products include solvents, alkalis, abrasives, detergents, and sanitizers. These chemicals may dissipate in the air, causing adverse effects to one’s health.

For your safety, read all the labels on cleaning supplies before you buy them. Instead of using strong chemicals, utilize natural products. For example, you can use warm water and soap. Also, baking soda is helpful for scrubbing. A mixture of vinegar and water can clean your glass. These alternative cleaning materials are much better than toxic products.

5. Keep Your Pets Groomed

Some allergens consist of animals’ fur and dander. If your family members have asthma, these allergens may trigger the condition. Also, pets that are ungroomed emit a foul, irritating smell. This odor can dissipate around your house. 

If you have a budget, you can bring your pet to a veteran for grooming. But if you have time, you can groom your pets in your home. It will save time and money. Aside from keeping your pet clean, the activity will also make you closer to your pet.

According to research, pets must brush at least 1-3 times a week and bathe at least every 1 to 2 months. It can help you prevent diseases caused by pets such as fleas and dandruff. If you spotted any skin disorders such as lumps or patches, groom your pet rapidly.

If your pet reacts negatively to your approach, keep in mind that consistency and appreciation can build a good connection with your pet. In case you need assistance, ask your vet for a grooming lesson.


Having a fresh and healthy environment at our house starts the day with less stress. A home is where every family member should relax after a hard day’s work. Without good air quality, health and peace of mind may suffer. Providing fresh and clean air is easy to do through the aforementioned methods.