Custom Prepared Graduation Cards on Mixbook

As your graduation party approaches, you may need to create a lasting impression on your colleagues, friends, and relatives. Through Mixbook, you may design your grad photo cards to find a fully customized card for each recipient. Mixbook’s custom graduation cards can be prepared from your collection or online compilation from certified and experienced designers.

Creating Graduation Announcements

When passing invitations for your graduation ceremony after the party, you need to create a lasting impression on all attendees. Mixbook offers a series of options for a wide range of fashion, tastes, and preferences for family and friends of all ages.

You may opt for a card with exquisite foil print style specifically designed for your mom, dad, siblings, or friends. Check out holographic graduation thank you templates to find the best shine sparkle or glitter that you may customize to meet your specifications.

Tailor-Made Graduation Announcement Templates

Mixbook offers graduation announcement cards that can be stored in a room, office, kitchen, or living room. Recipients of your invitation may preserve souvenirs that you can stick on the refrigerator, metal surfaces, or file cabinets.

You may opt for a magnetic graduation announcement holding a collage, single photo, or memorable font reflecting your personality and preferences. Grad books are available for your coffee table, shelves, and other surfaces in your home or office.

Top Graduation Announcement Templates at Mixbook

You may choose the Square shape graduation announcement templates or round shape graduation announcements.

§  Round Shape Graduation Announcements

Other than the normal shapes and sizes, you may choose round shape graduation announcements. Round-shaped graduation announcements can be designed for classy, professional, and presentable designs for individuals of all ages.

§  Square Shape Graduation Announcements

If you don’t prefer round shape graduation announcements, a square shape announcement may come in handy. Most square-shaped announcements offer a perfect blend of elegance and current trends. A square card stands out among most cards with a blend of personal touch that emits your class’s fragrances, fashion, tastes, and preferences.

Graduation Party Ideas and Trends

When attending a party, everyone in attendance looks forward to a unique and memorable experience. Due to the current global issues, you may host a party for individuals within your vicinity or miles away in a single attempt. This section highlights emerging trends and party ideas that can sweep your recipients for days to come.

Major ideas that you should try out for your graduation party include;

·       Photobooths.

You may discover that most of your guests love taking photos and are constantly searching for a better background. You may design a photo booth that suits attendants of all ages and preferences.

·       Popcorn bars.

The salty taste of popcorn can lure you into an endless feast. At a party, popcorn can be consumed by children and adults as you unfold more surprises for your party. Add more flavor using seasoning like caramel corn, buffalo wing, cheesy jalapeno, or standard butter and salt for an exceptional taste.

·       Live feeds.

Some friends and relatives may be unable to attend your graduation party physically. If possible, you may send invitation cards for in-person and online attendance for your party. Hire a friend or professional to get full coverage of your party for future references.

·       Guest books .

are perfect reminders of friends and relatives that were significant in sharing in your joy after a long journey. Other than classic and traditional guest books, you may opt for black canvas, where you may contribute a tiny piece of art before signing.

Bottom Line

Create a lasting impression on those that may attend or miss your party with an apology. Contact Mixbook to create a square or round-shaped announcement that is memorable among your peers, family, and professional acquittances.

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