I Broke My Oakley Sunglasses Arms and Bought New Ones Online

Oakley is a sunglass eyewear company that was founded in California in 1971. James Jannard invented motorcycle grips in 197 using a material he devised. It wasn’t until 1980 that the brand’s arching cylindrical lens first appeared in a type of motorcycle glasses, a design that has since been synonymous with the company. They are famous for their distinctive colours and forms, which may tailor to suit whatever sport we’re participating in. It’s easy to clean, too, due to the generally pro barrier, which keeps oils, dirt, and creams off the foot while wearing it. Maintaining clarity and sharpness is a long-term benefit of this process.

Different styles and colours of Oakley sunglasses arms / temples can be found on replacementlenses.net, therefore we’ll have a look at them in this post.

Oakley Lenses

Oakley offers a wide variety of lens treatments and forms, as well as a variety of lens kinds. Lenses with homogeneous, mirrored, or polarised surfaces are also available in these styles.

Oakley Lenses Prizm

These lenses are special design for cycling since the firm specialises in sports spectacles. Filtering off light’s background noise, which might interfere with our eyesight when participating in this activity, is the primary function of this particular lens type. Additionally, it increases the contrast and clarity of images. Polarized lenses add even more value to these lenses.

  • Lenses with three kinds of Prizm are available:
  • Avoid sand and stones by enhancing red and brown tones.
  • The surface roughness of a road may detect with this technology when it encounters fog.
  • Designed specifically for golf, the colour contrast is so great that distances can be estimated more accurately.

Oakley Iridium Lenses

The brand names the mirror-treated lenses with Oakley Iridium treatment, i.e., those that reflect light. The combination of Prizm and iridium may be found in certain colors, which indicates that sports vision can be improved by using both therapies. In addition, polarized lenses are used for these procedures if desired. All in all, remember that you can discover all of the Oakley replacement parts available on our website. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

How to Replace Oakley Lenses?

The Oakley replacement lenses have previously been featured on our website, so here we provide a guide on how to replace them. Since there are no screws in the frame, changing the lenses on this Oakley model is a breeze. We’ll walk you through the process:

  • We address the inside of the glasses, which are now addressing us.
  • As you hold the lens, squeeze the lens’s inner surface near its upper center with your other hand.
  • So as not to damage the lens, It’s better to apply little pressure.
  • Put the outer side of the glasses in front of you before inserting the replacement lens.
  • The lens are reinserting via the top centre of the camera.
  • Push the lens pieces together gently until they are able to fit into the frame.
  • The lens has already are replacing.

If You Broke Your Oakley Sunglasses Arms/Temples and You Needed to Replace Them.

Our glasses’ temples weaken and even shatter in half over time. ReplacementLenses.net demonstrates how to swap out the Oakley eyeglasses arms / temples.

This is how we’ll demonstrate it:

  • A precision screwdriver and, if feasible, a pair of tweezers is necessary to replace temples or frame arms. Hand-picking small screws may be time-consuming and frustrating.
  • On most metal frames, you’ll find two screws. One for the lenses and the other for the temples are provided. Remove the screw that secures the frame arm. There is usually just one screw in an acetate or plastic frame.
  • After removing the screws, it’s better to store them somewhere secure so they don’t fall out when we go to set up the new temple. To put it in position and insert the screw, hold the arm frame at a 45-degree angle toward you using the pliers. Then, insert the screw into the hole.
  • We need you to tighten up our screw a little more.
  • Finally, here we are!
  • This is a new temple!

To save money, you considered purchasing extra arms or temples for your current pair of eyeglasses. You visit our site, and you’re quite happy with the services we provide. The arms, lenses, screws, cases, and other accessories for Oakley spectacles are available from us as an approved Oakley reseller.

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