There have been numerous reports surrounding Apple’s new iPhone 5S and the suspected release date. Most reports have suggested that the iPhone 5S may launch as soon as June at WWDC 2013; however, new reports have surfaced which suggest the main focus of WWDC 2013 will be iOS 7, and Apple will save their iPhone 5S launch for later in the year. Following the iPhone 5S release in September 2013, the iPad 5 will make an appearance shortly after.


iPhone 5S – S for September?

Although no release date has officially been confirmed, it is suggested that the iPhone 5S will launch in September 2013, with the iPad 5 being released shortly before the Christmas holiday season.

This comes as numerous supply chain sources have quoted that the “new iPad will be shipped after iPhone 5S.” The same supplier speculates that the iPad 5 will also come with an integrated microphone and a cellular compatible SIM port, which could enable the iPad 5 to not only have a 3G connection, but also allow the iPad 5 to make and receive phone calls.

In addition, the iPhone 5S is rumoured to be offered in a variety of colours, similar to those rumours we’ve already heard about the budget iPhone, whilst the iPad 5 is also set to get an exterior redesign, taking up the look and feel similar to that of the iPad Mini. With a smaller bezel, the iPad 5 will be able to maintain the 9.7-inch display screen size, whilst reducing the overall size of the device.

Many people were expecting the iPhone 5S to land in the summer at WWDC 2013, but it seems iOS 7 will take the spotlight, with Apple choosing to wait until later in the year to release their iPhone 5S.

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