iPhone 5 photos show the fully assembled next-generation iPhone

The following iPhone 5 photos allegedly show the fully-assembled next-generation iPhone, and are the most convincing we’ve seen so far.

Posted online this afternoon by repair shop iLab, these high-resolution images are in stark contrast to the cheap-loooking “iPhone 5” that was recently ‘leaked’ by Chinese case manufacturers.

iPhone 5 photos show the fully assembled next-generation iPhone

The photos reaffirm design changes that we covered recently in our complete iPhone 5 rumor roundup, including a larger 4-inch screen, relocated FaceTime cameras and headphone jack, Mini-Dock connector, two-tone aluminum backplate and improved camera optics.

Photo of the back of the iPhone 5

These iPhone 5 photos may just represent an elaborate hoax or an early production prototype, but the build quality alone points towards these iPhone 5 photos being the real deal.

Do you think this is the iPhone 5 we’ll see later this year? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Renders. In one of the photos the – button for volume is facing the wrong way (it’s horizontal, not vertical). Don’t how this is possible looking at the rest of the photos. Nice try though

  2. If Steve Jobs were alive, he would say the design is total $#!T. It’s like they took 2 different pieces out of 2 different design, and glued them together without any consideration for aesthetics.

  3. Yeah, I was refering to the hardware that operates on the droid operating system. At any rate, I was just trying to get a rise out of you nerds. Now stop fretting over phones and go out and get laid.

  4. The camera looks all messed up in that glass. Too close to the edge, almost touches the metal. iPhone 4 design ftw.

  5. Wow, a stretched 4s with a piece of aluminum slapped on the back. I’ll keep my S3 thank you very much.

  6. Apple will rule at the end, the 7 inch iPad mini for $250 will screw the nexus 7 in the A$$, the samsung Galaxy S3 is not that good, and the iPhone 5 will Kill the samsung Note (which is horrible anyways, who wants to use a pen on their phone???) , Apple will ALWAYS beat Android b/c its user interface is MUCH better, and android’s Play Store or whatever the f**k they call it (android market, Play store…) sucks my d**k

  7. Please provide proof or share your experiences with the devices that you put down so eloquently; because truthfully a company that made the stylus cool again deserves a bit more respect.

  8. What a waste of time reading this article! After two generations they still have the same design except this is bigger -__- (my dog could even design that) … I just cant wait for the galaxy note 2 … Thats a real phone and the s3… What the iphone 4,4s,5,6… Has…???NOTHING! They r just stealing ur money just changing a couple stuff! Dont be ignorants! Apple keep learning from the master, ANDROID! if this is the real iphone 5, theres no competition at all!!!!

  9. i agree, i call them isheep because they are truthly dum, android is to advance for isheep and the iphone5 is perfectly design for them because stupid people will always stay stupid

  10. I really don’t think this is the next iPhone. I think apple as something completely different up its sleeve and I have evidence. When the iPhone 4 was not yet released someone did get a hold of one and posted it on the Internet. Apple forced them to remove because it was the real iPhone 4 if any of these were the next iPhone apple would have gotten these removed by now. Apple might be allowing these fake photos on because they want us to be thrown off of what’s really going to happen.

  11. I personally agree what Steve jobs originally said on Stylus: why would someone need a stylus when God has given us more sophisticated 5-stylus on each hand?? If Samsung wants to advance use of stylus, they could bring a concept where a pair of chopsticks pick up the stylus that touches the phone!

  12. I think you mean “too advanced” or are you too stupid to know how to spell?

    DROID user = DUMB poor user
    APPLE user = SMART affluent educated user

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