apple iphone 6s leak

apple iphone 6s leak

Some of the most believable iPhone 6S images have been leaked and they reveal a phone that is nearly the same as the iPhone 6 on the outside. The photos are of the phone’s internal and external casing. Based on these images, Apple has not gotten rid of the external antenna stripes nor has it included a dual lens camera system.


Instead of altering the back of the phone, Apple decided to use the exact same design as it did on the iPhone 6. Even the phone’s thickness and width has remained the same. This update is believable since “S” phones don’t tend to include major design changes–the iPhone 5S was very similar to the iPhone 5, for example.


The photos are not of the iPhone 6S Plus which means there could still be changes made to the design of the larger phone.


Where we do see some changes is with the internal mounting structure of the iPhone 6S. New mounting points on the inside of the device seemingly confirm reports of a new logic board. The mounting points are even in-line with the specifications for the new logic board that’s been mentioned in some rumors.


Apple hasn’t made any changes to the iPhone’s connectors, speakers, or microphones. The entire bottom of the iPhone 6S is the same as the iPhone 6’s bottom.

Via: 9to5Mac