Tech Team Motivated

Most times money is usually presumed as the key motivator. However, that is not the critical factor. Teams are the best way in which a company gets to work in the direction of accomplishing the set goals. It is through the groups that knowledge, skills and energy combination results to efficiency and effectiveness during the operation.

By motivating your team, you are boosting revenue and profit. Look at it this way; when you encourage your staff member by recognizing and appreciating his/her efforts, they will strive to get to other levels, this means that even your clients will get the best services. Quality services will always attract more customers which translate to the sales increase.

Below are ways of how to keep your tech team motivated;

Treat them with respect

Respect the individual intelligence, strength and weaknesses, diversity and need for their time outside the work environment. You will earn their loyalty and dedication.

Pay the team what they are worth

Ensure that you pay them a standard figure which is similar or higher to other companies in your industry. Always remember that a certain percentage of your members would willingly leave their current job to a place where they are given even 5% increment.

Involve and provide a conducive environment

Nobody would appreciate working in a dirty environment; ensure it is clean and stimulating. It also comprises of involving the teams. Let them be aware of ongoing progress. It will encourage them to give great ideas which can make a significant difference. Through the relation, they support and resist-less on the projects.

Communicate with your staff

If you want to learn the concerns of your team members, ideas or attitude ensure constant communication. Interact with them it is the best way to know more about them. Communicate the progress and updates. Do not wake up one morning and come up with ideas on a new set of conduct or method of operation. It will backfire on you. Talk to them over lunchtime or coffee and give feedback on their performance.

Avail opportunities for self-development

Provide training to the team to enhance their careers and knowledge on the latest technology in the field. Other ways to provide internal training or coaching is through giving of challenging tasks and encourage creativity. Let them solve issues in their unique style. Self-development attainment is through the use of various tools required to complete work or job.

Also, foster collaboration among teams; encourage them to participate by inviting their inputs and suggestions. Always ask them what they need to make them motivated.

Celebrate and appreciate the team performance

Make them feel appreciated. Appreciation is one of the essential needs of any person. Show sincere gratitude. Build a culture to focus on recognizing excellent performance. Employ these ways; make personal calls or emails, give an achievement award certificate to celebrate their efforts or a gift certificate to show your appreciation; this will provide healthy competition among them thus company will reach new levels. You can use an award certificate template which is cheap, easy and professional method to create professional looking awards.

Treat them a meal, put team pictures in the workplace or on your website and finally send thank you and a congratulatory card.

Let them know when their job is of good quality. Give your members enough rest. Acknowledge the long hours and personal sacrifice and award them with rest.

Set clear goals and do not micromanage

Most workers end up wasting time because they were not informed of the work that is a priority and one that is not. Ensure that everybody knows their duties in the goals, their relative priority and role of the team.

Note that no employee or teammate will appreciate a boss or leader who is looking over their shoulders and making second guesses on his/her decisions. Most people would rather stay at home where there is freedom than next to a micromanaging boss.

Avoid useless meetings

Meetings could waste a lot of time, on average each person waste three hours in unproductive meetings. They will feel wasted and if the in the meeting the tone was not professional or friendly; they will be de-motivated and have the feel of being disrespected. Prepare the agendas for the meetings in advance and distribute them.

Do not punish failure

Allow the honest mistakes, this way they will learn lessons and will not make them again. Despite them making errors encourage them to try again.

Install a sense of belonging

Let them understand that their efforts will give the best results for a project. Inspire them to work no matter what role they play and let them know that the outcome will be out of their efforts. Allow them to carry work home if necessary.

Motivating the team will improve overall performance.

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