Paintrala for Android

Paintrala for AndroidPrice: Free    Score: 9/10   Category: Entertainment

Paintrala for Android is a ‘painting’ application with a similar concept to Instagram, the widely popular photo-sharing application that reached massive popularity thanks to the sharing option of posting photos on social media sites as Twitter and Facebook.

At first sight there are many similarities between the interface of Paintrala for Android when compared to Instagram. Even so both applications let the user share their altered photos through the use of Facebook, but there are some major differences and big twists that make Paintrala a unique and original app. Developed by AltamiraSoft, Paintrala is first and foremost, a painting app and it allows you to create your own special artworks and then share them with friends. The painting tool in Paintrala is intuitive and easy to use, letting you focus on being creative.


The user menu in Paintrala is simple to understand and intuitive to use. There are several sections, including a ‘feed’ of your friends artworks, where you can ‘like’ their paintings and even comment on them. There is also a Gallery and Hot Now section where you can see the best paintings from other Paintrala users and see what is popular right now. The Paintrala app for Android also features a ‘Contest’ section, where you can submit your own paintings in to competitions with other users.


Overall, Paintrala for Android is a promising application as is is user friendly as well easy to understand, and great fun to use.

Paintrala for Android requires Android 2.2 and up. 

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