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With our current technology it’s incredible easy to snap a beautiful photo—whether you’re out in a park or see a sunset pass on a skyline, these days you can just grab your phone and take a beautiful picture.

Of course when we talk about a phenomenon in modern photography you instantly think about selfies. While that might not be the most ideal case of a good development, there are luckily developers that try to shift the paradigm to something a little more sophisticated.

And that’s where our app review of this article comes in! Piquk is developed by FV Imagination and is destined to have quite the impact on capitalizing on your daily photos.

What is Piquk?

Piquk is pretty much a social network that stands on its own, but it’s completely focused on photography. Got a nice shot you want to share? Upload it to Piquk and get followers. You can also follow other people and comment and like on their photos.

Now you might think that this is very similar to Instagram—it’s true that it has its similarities. The cool thing about Piquk is, however, that you can actually get revenue based on the amount of followers you got. What this means is that you can actually go through your daily life snapping some nice pictures and all you have to do is upload them to get some cash.

Using Piquk

Now the amount of money might not be too overwhelming, but it’s still a very nice iniative to have created something like this. The only downfall I see to the app is that the user-base just isn’t large enough yet. I’ve tried uploading a few photos and as there is a recent category, I looked at what the most recent picture uploaded was. This was from a day ago, which means it isn’t all too active yet.

Piquk also has a built-in studio where you can directly edit your shots by adjusting things like saturation and brightness. It also has a couple of sets for filters: the first one has a collection of effects like Instant, Process, Sepia, Transfer, etc. The second filter option is called Colorize and it processes your pictures with selected overlay colors to enhance them.

Tapscape’s final thoughts on Piquk

Piquk is extremely well designed, already features some amazing photos and is growing to become an established social network for photography fans over the world. The app is completely free and who knows? If you’re good at taking pictures you might actually get a little money out of it! Also the PIQUK website shows featured posts and latest users posts on the bottom of the page.

Piquk requires iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad

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