Samsung Galaxy Premier

Samsung Galaxy S4The Galaxy series has become a hit for Samsung and has been able to stay on par with sales and gain a following akin to that of the iPhone. And just as Apple fans are eagerly waiting for speculation on the next iPhone, many Android fans are awaiting possible details on the next Samsung offering, primarily the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Many were expecting an announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 to come at the Consumer Electronic Show next month. CES has always been a stage for companies to show off new lines of technology and has even recently started becoming a home to video games as well. And while there will be plenty of Samsung products, primarily televisions, CNET reports that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will sadly not be among them.

While this likely is disappointing to many Android fans, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Galaxy S3 is still relatively new and the company is focusing its resources on pushing forth the Galaxy Note 2. It wouldn’t make sense to announce a new phone when you already have two phones that are selling so well. Of course, there are rumors of an early year release of the next iPhone, but that probably won’t be released until later on in the year. Around that same time is when you can probably expect the Samsung Galaxy S4, possibly a little bit earlier if Samsung wants a head start over Apple.