Visitor Book iPad App Review – Slick, Streamlined, and Stylish

[app url=”″] Visitor Book is a slick visitor registration app created by SwipedOn Ltd that does exactly what you”d want it to do, and looks great doing it. Visitor Book…

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NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions iPhone App

NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions iPhone App Review

[app id=”858028697″] NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions is an iPhone app developed by NetSuxxess. This great app can assist you with contract-related issues. Do you know the deadline for cancelling your…

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Meeting Mapper iPad App

Meeting Mapper iPad App Review: Make Meetings More Productive

[app id=”496853872″] Meeting Mapper is an iPad app developed by Point N Time Software, LLC. This app is designed to make your meeting notes more useful, and to raise accountability for…

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animoby ipad app

Animoby iPad App Review: Create User-Friendly Presentations

[app id=”674690736″] Animoby is an iPad app developed by Appsis / Fernando A. M. Koyanagi Tecnologia. If you are looking for a user-friendly tool to help create presentations, this interesting app…

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Email for Business iPad App

Email for Business iPad App Review: Take Email to the Next Level

[app id=”674396221″] Email for Business is an iPad app developed by iXtentia Information Technology. This iPad-only tool may be a bit expensive to some people, but it is well worth investing…

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SwipedOn iPad App

SwipedOn iPad App Review: Timesheets, Security, Communication, and More!

[app id=”576306363″] SwipedOn is an iPad app developed by SwipedOn Ltd. Boasting customizable screen savers and a great UI, SwipedOn is a great tool for tracking which employees and visitors…

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iDocs iPhone App

iDocs iPhone App Review: Manage Word & PDF Docs

[app id=”664556553″] iDocs for Office Word & PDF Documents is an iPhone app developed by Beleela. this excellent app lets you view and edit Microsoft Word documents right on your iOS…

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Calc XLS iPhone App

Calc XLS iPhone App Review: Spreadsheets Made Simple

[app id=”364871720″] Calc XLS is an iPhone app developed by Mariner Software. An app with roots linking it to a program that dates back to 1991 (when it was called Mariner),…

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Fluid Notes iPad App

Fluid Notes iPad App Review: A Free Notetaking App Worth Checking Out

[app id=”605544759″] Fluid Notes is an iPad app developed by Michael Privat of Majorspot, Inc. This simple app lets you take notes and keep them organized…for free! The retina ink has a…

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Android vs iOS – Android leads marketshare, while iOS runs business

According to a new report compiled by Time, the ongoing Android vs iOS battle has been analysed to understand where exactly each platform is thriving and where the other is struggling,…

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