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iPhone 5S to have Thinner Bezel and enhanced Retina Display

iphone 5s

When Apple introduced the Retina Display with the iPhone 4, it changed the way we look at displays, and also what we expect from them. It has become the standard for new displays to be compared to, despite…

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Blackberry BBM will be for iPhone only

In a move that smells very much like WhatsApp’s decision to exclude iPad support, RIM have confirmed that their Blackberry BBM service will be for iPhone only. The BBM service will be coming to both iOS and Android…

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iOS Restore Tool will allow you to restore your iOS firmware

Apple provides a very small window to restore your device to its existing firmware version when a new iOS is released before locking you into the new version, however a new iOS Restore Tool will extend this window….

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Cydia tweak Googiri merges Siri and Google Voice together

A new Cydia tweak called Googiri aims to bridge the Google Voice Search and Siri functionality on a Jailbroken device to make one virtual assistant to rule them all. The two dominant platforms are currently run by Apple…

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Google Maps update announced, hits iOS and Android in the summer

Further news coming out of Google I/O reveals a major update to Google Maps, proving that Google are still focused on producing a great mapping experience. Google Maps Huge Update Not only this, but the web client has…

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iTunes is not expected to come to Windows 8 Metro anytime soon

iTunes 11

Are you waiting for a Windows 8 Metro optimised iTunes version to go with your slick new Windows 8 experience? Unfortunately, you may be waiting for a while as Microsoft suspect Apple have no plans to release iTunes…

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iPad Blogging App ‘Posts’ Goes Free!

News can crop up anytime and when it does you need to be ready to post, so there’s no better device to have handy than an iPad. The iPad makes posting news a breeze – or at least…

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iPad Mini 2 Release Date Set for Q3 2013

iPad Mini 2

The iPad Mini 2 is one of the most anticipated mini tablets of 2013, and will further contribute to the phrase “the cannibalization of the iPad Mini” – a phrase that has come to characterize Apple sales within…

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iPad Mini 2 Retina Screens Hitting Production lines next month

NPD DisplaySearch have reported that Apple could release two Retina-enabled iPad Mini models. The first is expected to hit in the second half of 2013, with the other expected in the first quarter of 2014 with an updated…

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Can Jony Ive and “Flat Design” Save iOS 7?

Skeuomorphism in iOS 6

Jonathan “Jony” Ive is the Senior VP of Industrial Design at Apple, and has been responsible for the design of some of Apple’s most successful and iconic products – including the iPod, iPhone and iPad. After the departure…

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