Epica iPhone App

Epica iPhone App Review: Make Silly Pictures

[app id=”788385091″] Epica is an iPhone app developed by Wanman Inc. Featured on the Top 20 list of bestselling apps across ten different countries, this photography app is ideal for…

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Picquest iPhone App

Picquest iPhone App Review: Find a Photographer Fast

[app id=”829692216″] Picquest is an iPhone app developed by Yishay Saban / Picquest Ltd. This brand new app is a cool way to connect photographers, photo fans, and the cool photographs…

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PhotoScissors Mac App

PhotoScissors Mac App Review: Easy Background Removal

[app id=”824118998″] PhotoScissors is a Mac App developed by Maxim Gapchenko. This tool makes it easy for even the most technophobic, inexperienced person to remove the backgrounds in a photograph. This…

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Douglas Photo Calculator iPhone App

Douglas Photo Calculator iPhone App Review: Say Cheese!

[app id=”582614102″] Douglas Photo Calculator is an iPhone app developed by Douglas Software. This helpful app allows photographers to make the calculations that will take the guesswork out of taking…

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Best Mobile accessories to enhance your iOS and Android device

We’re incredibly lucky in this day and age that our mobile phones are capable of so much. We can play the latest games, check the weather and even still find…

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PhotoStitcher Mac App

PhotoStitcher Mac App Review: A Great Photo Tool

[app id=”638230527″] PhotoStitcher is a Mac App developed by Maxim Gapchenko. If you want to make your vacation photos look amazing or create a unique layout of cherished snapshots, this wonderful…

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FotoBeam iPhone App

FotoBeam iPhone App Review: Photo Sharing Made Super Easy

[app id=”695154377″] FotoBeam is an iPhone app developed by Illiri LLC. With this free app, you can share your favorite photos with just one tap. Here’s how FotoBeam works. Either take…

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Clashot iPhone App

Clashot iPhone App Review: Sell Your Photos for Cash!

[app id=”572266787″] Clashot is an iPhone app developed by Depositphotos Inc. If you fancy yourself to be a bit of a citizen journalist, Clashot is a really cool way to…

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100 Planes iPhone App

100 Planes iPhone App Review: Book of Airplane Fun for Kids

[app id=”617530721″] 100 Planes is an iPhone app developed by Whyse ApS. Boasting 100 stunning HD photos and 15 videos, 100 Planes is a great resource and source of diversion for…

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Posegram iPhone App

Posegram iPhone App Review: Take Awesome Selfies, Unaided!

[app id=”630329383″] Posegram is an iPhone app developed by Wanman, Inc. If you want to take an awesome selfie without the help of a friend or assistant, Posegram is an…

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