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Samsung Galaxy S5 and Smartwatch work as a Baby Monitor

March 30, 2014 |

When Samsung announced their Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone they brought with it an updated TouchWiz user interface, the latest S Apps, and also packed it with some great specs, but what they didn’t mention was that it in fact … Read More

T-Mobile Galaxy S5 Available Without A Down Payment

March 21, 2014 |

Shortly after AT&T announced its plans regarding the Samsung Galaxy S5, T-Mobile has released its own, and they are practically identical.

The phone will be available for pre-order on T-Mobile starting March 24 and then it will be included in … Read More

AT&T Galaxy S5 Pre-Order Available On March 21 For $199

March 20, 2014 |

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5 will begin on March 21 and as expected, the phone will retail beginning at $199.99 with a new two-year contract.

The devices will begin shipping to customers in early April, although an exact date … Read More

Samsung Announces Gear 2, Gear Fit Prices

March 20, 2014 |

Samsung has publicly revealed the price points for its upcoming Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches. The high-end Gear 2 will begin at $295, nearly the same price as the original Gear that was released at $295.

As the Gear … Read More

Super Slim Samsung NX Mini Camera Announced

March 19, 2014 |

Samsung says that it has created the world’s slimmest and lightest in the world, the NX mini Smart. Alongside the mini camera are three new NX mini lenses than can be used with the body. Even after attaching a lens … Read More

iPad Pro project reportedly put on hold due to development issues

March 14, 2014 |

Apple’s iPad Pro is rumoured to be in development with the 13-inch tablet said to be a cross between the iPad and MacBook Pro lineup. However, according to a new report, issues with the development phase of the rumoured … Read More

LeBron James Tweets, ‘My Samsung Just Erased Everything’

March 13, 2014 | 2

Paying for love buys you no respect and you’d think that Samsung would understand that by now. The latest paid spokesman to embarrass Samsung is none other than NBA legend LeBron James, whose Galaxy Note 3 apparently lost all … Read More

Samsung Releases Milk Music, A Free Streaming Service

March 7, 2014 |

There are already more than a few streaming services available but Samsung thinks that its app is the best one of all. On Friday, Samsung introduced Milk Music, a service that is currently free but will only be available for … Read More

FreedomPop Introduces Secure Galaxy SII Smartphone

March 5, 2014 |

During the past couple of months we have seen multiple “secure” smartphones make their way onto the scene as a result of an increase in government and non-government spying. Blackphone and the Boeing Black are two examples of recently introduced … Read More

Samsung will allow third parties to use Galaxy S5 finger sensor

February 27, 2014 |

Samsung finally announced their Galaxy S5 and finally broke up a range of rumours speculating what the device might offer. Having finally revealed the Galaxy S5 to the world, Samsung also revealed the finger sensor (not fingerprint sensor) that … Read More

Samsung Gear Fit Is Poised to Destroy the Wearable Fitness Market

February 27, 2014 |

The Samsung Gear Fit has been announced, alongside the Gear 2 and the Gear Neo, at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. Samsung is diving headlong into the wearable fitness market and from what has been revealed, it seems lighter … Read More

Samsung Galaxy S5 leak confirms Standard and Prime models

February 23, 2014 |

With a mere hours left until Samsung unpacked event at Mobile World Congress, all eyes are on what Samsung have up their sleeve for the Samsung Galaxy S5, and a last minute leak confirms that there will … Read More

Samsung Galaxy S5 Gets A Release Date

February 20, 2014 |

Whilst the Samsung Galaxy S5 was set to be announced next week during Mobile World Congress at Samsung’s unpacked event, no release date had been suggested. That’s all changed as an unnamed Samsung executive has let slip of a … Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Why Bigger is Better

February 19, 2014 | 1

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is without doubt one of the greatest smart phones. My reasoning isn’t complex at all, it’s simply an easy to use phone that has all the bells and whistles you need.

Bigger is Better

It … Read More

Galaxy S5 Rumors: Fingerprint Sensor, More Retina Than Retina

February 18, 2014 |

The Galaxy S5 is bringing sexy back? Probably not. Or, to put a really fine point on it, Samsung can’t bring sexy back until Apple shows them what sexy is. Think that is unfair, unthinking or just plain hostile? … Read More