minecraft education edition

‘Minecraft Education Edition’ Lets You Play Minecraft In School

Everyone loves that end-of-term period at school — less work to do, watching movies, maybe playing some games. Luckily for you, the gaming part may soon become a lot more…

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Make it for Teachers & School iPad App Review

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/app/id739190902?mt=8&&referrer=click%3D3e007252-b13a-4372-b901-82d6131577ad”] Make it for Teachers & School is a great piece of educational software developed by Planet Factory Interactive that succeeds due to its breadth of features. Edutainment applications…

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EZCOMMA iPhone App

EZCOMMA iPhone App Review: Cute Grammar Help

[app id=”767894082″] EZCOMMA is an iPhone app developed by David Tick, a certified English teacher and reading specialist. Tick claims that his app will help you to become a better…

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Chem101 Pro iPhone App

Chem101 Pro iPhone App Review: Awesome Science Reference

[app id=”799474869″] Chem101 Pro is an iPhone app developed by Linton Intergroup Inc. Self-proclaimed as the “#1 Advanced Chemistry Application,” Chem101 Pro is a handy resource for chemistry students, both at…

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SwipeSpeare iPhone App

SwipeSpeare iPhone App Review: Shakespeare Made Easy

[app id=”582673708″] SwipeSpeare is an iPhone app for studying, developed by Golgotha Press Apps / BookCaps. Here’s how SwipeSpeare is described on the App Store: “Unlike other apps that put the…

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Jamaroos Musical ABCs iPhone App

Jamaroos Musical ABCs iPhone App Review: Alphabet Made Easy

[app id=”756316592″] Jamaroos Musical ABCs is an iPhone app developed by Iggy Learning, LLC. Created by award-winning animator and drawing inspiration from trusted educational curricula, this kid-friendly app teaches kids their ABCs…

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Classting iPhone App

Classting iPhone App Review: Social Networking for Classrooms

[app id=”510033756″] Classting is an iPhone app developed by CLASSTING. This social networking app for classrooms has 6,000+ schools from all over the world currently on board! Classting is an app…

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Brush Brush Cocomong iPhone App

Brush Brush Cocomong iPhone App Review: Teach Kids to Brush!

[app id=”571202809″] Brush Brush Cocomong is an iPhone app developed by duducs Co., Ltd. This charming, educational kids app boasts great graphics, charming characters, and teaches great life lessons. Brush Brush…

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Max & Ruby Science Educational Games iPhone app

Max & Ruby Science Educational Games iPhone App Review

[app id=”686518520″] Max & Ruby Science Educational Games is an iPhone app developed by iLearnWith. Based on the popular Max & Ruby animated series, this kid-friendly app is ideal for preschoolers and…

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Coach Guitar iPhone App

Coach Guitar iPhone App Review: Learn to Play Guitar Fast

[app id=”405338085″] Coach Guitar is an iPhone app developed by Boris Douarre. If you are interested in learning guitar, but are intimidated by music theory, this app aims to make it…

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