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Some cool iOS 7 features you might have missed

iOS 7 revealed a lot of features that added functionality to what iOS 6 currently offers, in addition to of course the redesigned UI, but Craig Federighi simply did not have enough time to go through all the features iOS 7 introduced, so let’s take a look. iOS 7 Features …

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Mad Catz Strike 5 Review

mad catz strike 5 review

Customization is definitely the keyword to use when talking about the Mad Catz Strike 5 Keyboard.  While it might be lacking in some features that are considered standard in gaming keyboards (mechanical key switches), the customization options are actually able to make up for the things it lacks in.  However, …

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Dungeon Defenders 2: Everything You Need to Know

dungeon defenders 2

Trendy Entertainment has finally announced Dungeon Defenders 2 and while there were some disappointments within the announcement, there are some really great things that Dungeon Defenders fans can look forward to. Dungeon Defenders 2: Gameplay Trendy has included two different types of gameplay in Dungeon Defenders 2, cooperative and competitive, …

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