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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Apple iPhone 6s Plus Features

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Apple iPhone 6s Plus Features

We are familiar about human to human competition in terms of games and sometimes rivalries in different fields of life. But now it is very common when it comes to the field of technology which we have been…

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Netflix rolling out profiles to devices in the next few days


A feature that has been long requested from Netflix fans is the ability to not have your recommended TV Shows and Movies ruined by a friend or family member who has used your account. That’s why when user…

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Some cool iOS 7 features you might have missed

iOS 7 revealed a lot of features that added functionality to what iOS 6 currently offers, in addition to of course the redesigned UI, but Craig Federighi simply did not have enough time to go through all the…

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Mad Catz Strike 5 Review

mad catz strike 5 review

Customization is definitely the keyword to use when talking about the Mad Catz Strike 5 Keyboard.  While it might be lacking in some features that are considered standard in gaming keyboards (mechanical key switches), the customization options are…

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More Yahoo services will be coming to iOS

yahoo ios

A new report suggests that Apple could include more Yahoo features in iOS Yahoo and Apple have been partnered up for a while now due to their common interest of going up against Google.  Up to this point,…

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SteelSeries Real Racing 3 Gaming Headset Review

steelseries real racing 3 headset review

SteelSeries’ line of Flux headsets have been very popular with gamers on a budget, and with the Real Racing 3-branded version of the Flux, gamers are getting a good looking, high-performing headset for a very good price.  Not…

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iOS devices could have Augmented Reality features

augmented reality example ios apple

Apple has finally been granted a patent for an augmented reality device, could it be coming to iOS? After first putting forward the idea in 2010, Apple has finally been awarded a patent for an augmented reality system…

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Latest iPhone 5S and iOS 7 rumors

apple iphone 5s

The iPhone 5S rumors have been piling up the past couple of weeks, and have only ramped up since Samsung announced their Galaxy S4.  Samsung’s Galaxy S4 event has prompted many people to create and push out even…

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Dungeon Defenders 2: Everything You Need to Know

dungeon defenders 2

Trendy Entertainment has finally announced Dungeon Defenders 2 and while there were some disappointments within the announcement, there are some really great things that Dungeon Defenders fans can look forward to. Dungeon Defenders 2: Gameplay Trendy has included…

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Samsung Galaxy S4 features to come to Samsung Galaxy S3

black samsung galaxy note 8

After a long wait, Samsung finally released the Samsung Galaxy S4, an update to their flagship device the Galaxy S3, and with it a whole array of new features enticing users to upgrade. But in reality, the S4…

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