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Free iOS Tethering enabled without Jailbreak

Although some carriers let you tether without limitations, others impose strict limits on tethering and go as far as disabling the personal hotspot button in iOS. However, a recent hack has emerged that allows free iOS Tethering and that button to be enabled to take advantage of the Internet you’re …

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Try out iOS 7 in your browser right now!

ios 7

iOS 7 has received mixed reviews since being released, but one thing is consistent around iUsers across the globe – everyone is itching to get their hands on the iOS 7 Beta to try out the next-generation version. Whilst developers can install and run iOS 7 on their devices right …

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Blackberry BBM will be for iPhone only

In a move that smells very much like WhatsApp’s decision to exclude iPad support, RIM have confirmed that their Blackberry BBM service will be for iPhone only. The BBM service will be coming to both iOS and Android this summer as a free download. With RIM’s marketshare continuing to take …

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