J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz has added weight to the current understanding that Apple will be launching two completely new smartphones come October – a redesigned iPhone 5, and a “China ready” iPhone 4S.

J.P.Morgan’s research suggests the iPhone 5 will be based on a lighter, thinner form factor that is GSM and CDMA capable. In other words, a “world-mode” smartphone, but not LTE-capable. Mr. Moskowitz also expects the iPhone 5 will have a larger retina display [than] the iPhone 4?s 3.5 inch screen and include an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash.

The iPhone 4-plus device is anticipated to be based on the current iPhone and subsume the iPhone 3GS as the lower-end offering. Mr. Moskowitz thinks it could target one or more network carriers in China, but is unlikely to be exclusive to the region.

There have been no official confirmations of the iPhone 5 design, but several case manufacturers have released images of purportedly iPhone 5-ready cases, with a form-factor obtained from a leaked design document.

This report comes from J.P. Morgan comes after Moskowitz’s report last week that the iPad 3 would definitely not ship before 2012, citing industry insiders.

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