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Scrubby Dubby Saga Graphics

‘Scrubby Dubby Saga’ – Android Review

Why 'Scrubby Dubby Saga'? "Scrubby Dubby Saga" is an adventure puzzle game by King, the makers of "Candy Crush Saga." In this game you slide and match soap boxes as you follow...
Triller on Android, courtesy of Triller

Triller, Music Video Maker – Android Review

What is Triller Music Video Maker Triller Music Video Maker is a fun app for recording videos while an MP3 song plays in the background. It enables users to make videos over their favorite...
Pokemon on Android, courtesy of John GBC Lite – GBC Emulator

John GBC Lite GBC Emulator – Android Review

What is John GBC Lite GBC Emulator John GBC Lite GBC Emulator is a Game Boy Color emulator, just as its name implies. It allows users to play their favorite Game Boy...
HIIT Interval Timer's main screen

HIIT Interval Training Timer – Android Review

What is HIIT Interval Training Timer? HIIT Interval Training Timer is an app that is used to keep track of high intensity interval workouts. While this app will find most of its...
Training Video

Yoga Guru – Android Review

What is Yoga Guru? Yoga Guru is an Android application that helps you keep fit through yoga and breathing exercises. It offers a yoga course along with individual packages for specific needs....
Easy Voice Recorder - main

Easy Voice Recorder – Android Review

What is Easy Voice Recorder? Easy Voice Recorder is a simple, yet high-quality audio recorder for Android. Ease of use It would be hard to make an easier to use audio recorder. Perhaps impossible without...
Fitness Workout- Home

Fitness Workouts – Android Review

Why Fitness Workouts? Fitness Workouts by Mobile4Health is an app to work out various body parts. It has a dedicated set of training routines for each part of the body.The Android app...
5k Run- Training

5k Run – Android Review

What is 5k Run? 5k Run is an app for those who have never put "workout" in their todo's list and are looking to get started. It promises to get you running...
Handrite - Tapscape

Handrite – Android Review

What is Handrite? Handrite is an Android note taking application that allows users to write with actual handwriting. A lost art! Ease of use Ease of useWhen Handrite is first loaded, there is almost...

Advanced Download Manager – Android Review

Why Advanced Download Manager? In Android phones, the default Chrome browser comes with a built-in download manager. But it lacks certain features, such as downloading a file in multiple parts, pausing and...
loader droid - downloads

Loader Droid Download Manager – Android Review

Why Loader Droid? Loader Droid is an Android download manager that can be used to help manage files downloaded from the internet. Ease of use Like all download managers that aren't directly integrated with...
Download Accelerator Plus- download in progress

Download Accelerator Plus – Android Review

What is Download Accelerator Plus? In Android phones, the default Chrome browser comes with a built in download manager. But it lacks certain features such as downloading file in multiple parts, pausing and resuming...

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