2013 MacBook Pro Retina Benchmarks

Apple's recent Retina MacBook Pro refresh delivered faster processors and lower prices. Those things, of course, are very nice, but performance is where the rubber hits the road. Here is a...

Chromebook Pixel officially unveiled by Google

Just one day after we wrote about the Chromebook Pixel touchscreen rumour, Google decide its time to unveil the beast. The Chromebook Pixel is Google's attempt to change the Chromebook experience,...
touchscreen Chromebook

Google developing touchscreen Chromebook, according to WSJ

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is preparing a touchscreen Chromebook for release late 2013. This rumour sprouted up a few months ago when a YouTube video about the touchscreen...
Surface Pro stock

Microsoft working to fix Surface Pro stock shortages

Microsoft has released a blog post on the Surface Pro stock issue, saying that units will be available in the US and Canada next week. The lack of stock is questionable,...
Chromebook Pixel

Touchscreen Chromebook Pixel leaked on video

The new touchscreen Chromebook Pixel may have just been accidentally launched on YouTube, after a slip of the Chromebook. The original video has quickly been taken down, but more have sprouted up on...
Surface Pro battery life

Microsoft addresses problems with Surface Pro battery life and storage

Microsoft has taken to Reddit to address some of the problems with the Surface Pro battery life and storage capabilities. Reviews of the Surface Pro have been pretty good, although there...
HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook

HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook now on sale

The Pavilion 14 Chromebook is HP's first step in the Chrome OS world, previously being loyal to Windows. HP has yet to make a successful move to the mobile world and...
HP Pavilion Chromebook

HP next partner to make a Chromebook

After the initial Chromebook's by Acer and Samsung didn't sell very well, many discarded Google's idea of an web-only operating system netbook that offers Google apps.As the second batch of sales...
Surface Pro battery life

Microsoft Surface Pro to go on sale February 9

Microsoft has finally revealed the date when the Surface Pro will go on sale and after slight delays, we will see it hitting stores on February 9, but that is only...

Will Lenovo make a Chromebook?

Samsung and Acer have been fully invested in Google's Chromebook and enterprise/school sales have been pretty tremendous. While the Chromebook may be a consumer flop, there have been millions sold by...

Google may launch the Google Nexus Chromebook

With sales on Chromebook's not one of the highest in the Google umbrella, we suspected that Google will look to let the netbooks die, but they decided against this and launched...
acer chromebook

New Acer Chromebook Starts at $199

Google had a rather meagre start with their Chromebooks when first launched. Comparing Chrome OS to Android, it is fair to say there hasn't been as much advancement or as much...

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