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Bunker Buster iOS Game Review

Bunker Buster iPhone game

Bunker Buster is an endless-bomber game for iOS published by Humanoid Mobile. I’ll say from the outset that this game comes across as a work in progress. There’s a few things that Bunker Buster gets right, and a…

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Three Chicks and Friends is an Enjoyable 3D Side-Scroller

Three Chicks and Friends

Developed by Ginra Tech, Three Chicks and Friends is a new game for Android and iOS. Featuring side-scrolling arcade style gameplay and beautiful 3D visual environments, Three Chicks is a perfect game for young kids or tweens. Whilst…

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Math Tales – The Jungle is a Game for Kids That Makes Learning Fun

Math Tales - The Jungle

Math Tales – The Jungle is a colorful game for iPhone and iPad from publisher Marshmallow Games. Designed with kids aged 3-5 in mind, Math Tales combines a charming nursery-rhyme style narrative with educational mini-games designed to improve your…

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Walking War Robots iOS Game Review

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/walking-war-robots/id806077016″] Mobile multiplayer action gaming can be a thing of misery. Overhyped, underwhelming games built on shaky netcode and nonsensical matchmaking, most of the time we’re left disappointed and annoyed. Walking War Robots does well to buck…

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Enemy Dawn iPhone Game Review: What the Heil?

Enemy Dawn iPhone Game

[app id=”826238698″] Enemy Dawn is an iPhone game developed by Eric Simmons / Simplus Technologies Group LLC. This odd and confusing game does have a certain appeal, but some of its presentational choices are completely baffling. The opening…

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Kicking Balls iPhone Game Review

Kicking Balls iPhone Game

[app id=”892514541″] Kicking Balls is an iPhone game developed by Four Eyed Cat. While this soccer game features a child protagonist, it will still appeal to footie fans of all ages. Kicking Balls is the story of a…

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Rise Of Rome iOS Game Review

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/app/id881748907″] This new contender for mobile strategy war game supremacy comes in charging hard, swords drawn, loaded with enthusiasm and blood lust. The official App Store listing lets out a boastful battle cry – “Get ready to…

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Formula Force Racing iOS Game Review

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/formula-force-racing/id844152207″] Do yourself a favour… pop over to the iTunes App Store and have a quick browse through the iOS-based racing games available there. Lots of them, aren’t there? Between the free indie titles, expensive big name franchises,…

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Poker Anyplace iOS Game Review – A Few Cards Shy Of A Full Deck

 [app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/za/app/id805789200″] Coming from its roots in smokey casinos and dingy basements, tournament poker has shot into the spotlight in recent years – both online and in high-profile televised events across the world. Many mobile developers have whipped…

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Guess Car Brand iOS Game Review – Top Marques? Not Quite.

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/app/id895008823″] There are free games lurking in the App Store which are so brilliantly crafted and brimming with content that it almost feels unfair that we don’t have to spend a cent to play them. And then…

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