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Animals: educational kids game Android Game Review – Lots to See and Do

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.knbmedia.findthemall”] Developed by Knbmedia, Animals: educational kids game is an excellent edutainment game with a huge amount of content and a very kid friendly presentation. Animals is a game where kids are given the chance to learn…

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The Alice App iPad App Review: Down the Rabbit Hole

The Alice App iPad App

[app id=”849718336″] The Alice App is an iPad app developed by Emmanuel Paletz. Designed for kids ages 6-8 or Wonderland fans of all ages, this colorful retelling of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale is pretty cool and fun to…

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Brainfeed iPad App Review: Educational Videos For Kids

Brainfeed iPad App

[app id=”727189716″] Brainfeed is a free iPad app developed by Brainfeed LLC. Designed for kids aged 7 and up, Brainfeed is also an app that might appeal to adults who love to keep on learning. Brainfeed is, at its…

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Tynker iPad App Review: The Fun Way to Learn How to Code

Tynker iPad App

[app id=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tynker-learn-programming-visual/id805869467?ls=1&mt=8″] Tynker is an iPad app developed by Neuron Fuel. Tynker has a simple, yet very noble goal: teach kids to code. Using the Tynker app, children can learn how to code while also having a ton…

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Sketch-a-Song Kids iPhone App Review: Music and Fun, Rolled Into One

Sketch-a-Song Kids iPhone App

[app id=”766925471″] Sketch-a-Song Kids is an iPhone app developed by 09 Line Development Co. Boasting over 40 real instrument samples, this charming kid’s app is great fun for budding musicians. In Sketch-a-Song Kids, you can create your own music by…

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Jamaroos Musical ABCs iPhone App Review: Alphabet Made Easy

Jamaroos Musical ABCs iPhone App

[app id=”756316592″] Jamaroos Musical ABCs is an iPhone app developed by Iggy Learning, LLC. Created by award-winning animator and drawing inspiration from trusted educational curricula, this kid-friendly app teaches kids their ABCs in a fun and engaging way! While many…

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Max & Ruby Science Educational Games iPhone App Review

Max & Ruby Science Educational Games iPhone app

[app id=”686518520″] Max & Ruby Science Educational Games is an iPhone app developed by iLearnWith. Based on the popular Max & Ruby animated series, this kid-friendly app is ideal for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Bunny siblings Max and Ruby are hanging…

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100 Planes iPhone App Review: Book of Airplane Fun for Kids

100 Planes iPhone App

[app id=”617530721″] 100 Planes is an iPhone app developed by Whyse ApS. Boasting 100 stunning HD photos and 15 videos, 100 Planes is a great resource and source of diversion for kids who love airplanes. Kids all seem to…

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Talking ABC iPhone App Review: Teach Kids Their ABCs

Talking ABC iPhone App

[app id=”640478677″] Talking ABC is an  iPhone app developed by Jutiful, with animations by +energetic- Animation Studio. This alphabet learning app is aimed at kids aged 2-7. Talking ABC is a charming app for kids. Boasting a interactive claymation alphabet,…

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iStoryTime Library iPhone App Review: Great Reading for Kids

iStoryTime Library iPhone App

[app id=”509547477″] iStoryTime Library is an iPhone app developed by zuuka incorporated. If you have kids who love to read, this collection of stories is sure to please. The big draw with iStoryTime Library is arguably the big name…

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