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Turn Off Apple Music Automatic Renewal

July 3, 2015 |

The Apple Music free three month trial is very generous — it’s full service at zero cost for three months. However, you should take note it’s a “free trial (credit card required)”. In other words, if you forgot to … Read More

New iPod Colors If Not Full 2015 iPod Refresh Coming

July 2, 2015 |

While the media player category has been in apparent terminal decline (table below) since 2009, Apple hasn’t given up, at least not entirely, on the iPod. The company has updated colors, designs and pricing as recently as 2012. That … Read More

Can I Listen to Apple Music, Beats 1 Radio?

July 1, 2015 |

As with anything involving Hollywood, the question “Can I listen to Apple Music, Beats 1 Radio and/or use the associated services?” comes down to where you live. Interestingly enough, Apple Music available, at least to some degree, in most … Read More

iOS 8.4 Ships with Apple Music, Beats 1

June 30, 2015 |

Apple’s answer to Spotify is finally here! iOS 8.4 not only delivers a bunch o’ bug fixes and feature tweaks, but also Apple Music — Cupertino’s most recent if not definitive play in the streaming music space.

Is Apple … Read More

Apple Music Launch on Tuesday Morning

June 29, 2015 |

During the WWDC 2015 keynote address, we learned that Apple Music would launch on Tuesday, June 30. Until now, however, we didn’t know the precise timing. Thanks to a Tweet from senior director Ian Rogers, we have the Apple … Read More

Curved OLED iPhone? Coming in 2018, Say Sources

June 28, 2015 |

Two great tastes that go great together? Rumors of curved display and OLED iPhone designs have been around for years. Now, droplets of fresh squeezed Apple Asian supply chain juice indicates a curved OLED iPhone design is in the … Read More

Force Touch iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus to Hit Production

June 27, 2015 |

Apple’s Force Touch haptic feedback technology has been a huge hit. However, to date, Force Touch is only available in the company’s high-end MacBook Pro and Apple Watch product lines. Naturally, it makes sense that Apple would bring their … Read More

Taylor Swift’s 1989 to Stream on Apple Music

June 25, 2015 |

Taylor Swift dissed Apple Music, with much love and admiration, and Apple senior iTunes VP Eddy Cue quickly capitulated. America’s perky pop princess complained and Apple listened, changing its policy to pay artists! Now, Taylor Swift says she will … Read More

Apple Developers Get Second iOS 9, OS X El Capitan Betas

June 23, 2015 |

Two weeks and a day after Apple pushed iOS 9, watchOS 2 and OS X El Capitan — a busy bunch of beavers, aren’t they? — is back with Developer Preview 2, respectively, for each. While little is known … Read More

Apple Music Caves to Taylor Swift, Will Pay Artists During Demo

June 22, 2015 |

As you may know, Taylor Swift has said she wouldn’t allow Apple Music play her latest album, 1989. Her move is a protest over Apple and its major label partners’ decision not to pay artists during Apple Music’s three-month … Read More

iPhone 7c: 4-inch Apple Smartphone Won’t Die

June 19, 2015 | 1

For years, Apple’s legendarily loyal iPhone fans begged the company for a phablet-sized smartphone and they granted that wish with the iPhone 6 Plus. Ever since shipping that beast, however, another subset of Apple’s seriously steadfast iPhone fans have … Read More

iPad Pro: Thar She Blows!

June 16, 2015 |

As a rule, Apple leaks information about new, upcoming, unreleased products all the time. However, actually tracking down those leaks is really, really hard. That said, the just released iOS 9 developer beta has revealed that Apple is planning … Read More

Clash of Clans Revenue Tops $1.5 Million Daily

June 15, 2015 | 1

The iOS game gold rush is over? While it is certainly more difficult for code n00bs to crack the iOS Top Game list, Clash of Clans revenue proves conclusively that the rewards are still there for people with the … Read More

Fappening 2015: FBI Zeros in on Chicago Fappener

June 10, 2015 |

Have you forgotten about The Fappening? Needless to say, neither Jennifer Lawrence nor the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have. To whit, G men have been out serving search warrants and confiscating computer kit — Fappening 2015, get some!

Read More

iOS 9 Compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Models

June 9, 2015 |

Brothers and sisters, I have good news! As previously rumored, Apple’s upcoming iOS 9, when it ships in September or October, will run on the same iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models that run iOS 8.

iOS … Read More