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OS X Yosemite Gold Master Seeded, Includes Shellshock Fix

September 30, 2014 |

On the last day of September no less. Apple is widely expected to ship OS X Yosemite in October, as we as updated Macs and iPads. While we don’t have a date for that, the Cupertino, CA company has … Read More

Microsoft Introduces Anything But 9 Windows 10

September 30, 2014 |

It has been speculated that Windows 8.1 was actually supposed to be sold as Windows 9, but Windows 8 was such a disaster that the Redmond, Washington decided to cut bait. Hence, as if two non sequiturs make a … Read More

Next Apple Event: Retina iMac, 12″ MBA, New iPads Coming

September 29, 2014 |

Apple and its excellent new iPhone 6, not so bendy iPhone 6 Plus and “one janky update aside” iOS 8 have generated huge news and buzz. However, Tim Cook’s Cupertino crew is just getting warmed up. While we’ve already … Read More

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus: The Best, Most Durable Smartphones

September 28, 2014 |

Do the words “bendgate” or “bandghazi” make you smile? Then go away and get the real iPhone 6 science (science, it’s gonna be big). For the rest of us, Apple’s “bad week” was more about the self mocking parody … Read More

Shellshock Bash Attack? Most Macs Are Safe

September 27, 2014 |

You have heard the Shellshock bash bug hype — Macs are vulnerable. That your Mac is vulnerable. Well, maybe if you are running a Mac server, but the vast majority Mac users have little if anything to worry about … Read More

BENDGHAZI: Truther, Tea Party Investigations!

September 26, 2014 | 1

Everything you are about read is completely and utterly (NOT) the truth, except for the bits ginned up by akrosdabay and especially tittywagon on Reddit. Herein we examinee what that Kenyan Obama Tim Cook Phil Schiller some undetermined person … Read More

iOS 8.0.2 Is Here! Apple Has Patched the Patch

September 25, 2014 | 1

Gonna install iOS 8.0.2 right now or wait for lab rats like me to test it first? Can’t blame you one tiny bit, though you should know that Apple says fewer than 40K iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus … Read More

Apple Promises Quick iOS 8.0.2 After Botched Update

September 25, 2014 |

A very up and down week for Apple and its legions of fans. More than 10 million iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Pluses sold, but not few of those unable to make calls after yesterday’s botched iOS 8.0.1 update. … Read More

How to Downgrade iOS 8.0.1 to iOS 8.0.0

September 24, 2014 |

For many iPhone users, the prospect of iOS 8 Update relief quickly turned to rage. Here is how to get your iPhone 6 and/or iPhone 6 Plus back in working condition: downgrade iOS 8.0.1 to iOS 8. It’s not … Read More

iOS 8.0.1 Update Released Then Quickly Pulled

September 24, 2014 |

Just a week after releasing iOS 8 to the public, Apple attempted to quickly follow up with a bug squashing update, iOS 8.0.1. However, the company was quickly overwhelmed with complaints from users that iOS 8.0.1 over-the-air caused a … Read More

BendGate: A Pox Upon the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

September 24, 2014 | 4

Call it what you want — BendGate, Bend-Gate or, if you must, #bendgate — but the bottom line is the same. Apple’s bigger than bigger iPhone 6 Plus has a tendency to deform, lose its shape or otherwise bend … Read More

Samsung vs iPhone 6: Running Scared, Says Korea Times

September 23, 2014 |

Samsung’s 2014 smartphone sales and profits have been poor. And, now, the company’s biggest competitor is making a tablet-sized phone, the one market where the Korea consumer electronics had an absolute advantage. No more, because it’s Samsung vs iPhone … Read More

iOS 8 Adoption Near 50%, iPhone Evolution Pictured

September 23, 2014 |

On Monday, a popular mobile ad and web metrics company said iOS 8 adoption was slow, slow, slow. However, the only people who actually know, aka Apple, are saying that iOS 8 adoption is in fact roughly inline with … Read More

How to Downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2

September 22, 2014 | 38

It was gonna happen. Maybe someone you know. Maybe that someone is you. Whether it is for technical (ie crashing, balky apps, etc) or aesthetic reasons (ie ‘cuz it sucks), there is a need to downgrade iOS 8 to … Read More

Run Android Apps on Mac, Windows, Linux

September 21, 2014 |

In a maybe sort of kind of way that is a couple dependencies short of a full six pack, or something to that effect. Nevertheless, a little clever hacking of Google’s own ongoing efforts to run Android apps on … Read More