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Apple Watch 2: Everything You Need To Know

apple watch 2

The Apple Watch 2 is almost upon us, yet there’s still so much we don’t know about it. In order to hopefully shed some light on the subject, here’s a collection of all the theories, rumor and speculation…

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Delete Default iPhone Apps With iOS 9.3

delete default iPhone apps

Finally, our cries have been heard. The currently ongoing iOS 9.3 beta program — available here — features a way for users to delete default iPhone apps, such as Stocks, Find Friends and Contacts. Reddit user bfodder, via…

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New York Bill Means Your iPhone May Be Targeted By Criminals

new york bill

The software that enhances the privacy of your iPhone could be at risk, if a recent New York bill is anything to go by. A proposition currently running through the N.Y. State Assembly means that smartphone manufacturers —…

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The Five Most Hotly Anticipated Phones Of 2016

A few 2016 phones have already been unveiled at CES, but they are probably not among the most eagerly awaited handsets. There are plenty of rumors circulating about upcoming Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony models. These are five…

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Ask Siri To Beatbox For A Hilarious Reply

ask siri to beatbox

Siri, Apple’s mobile personal assistant, appears to be quite the budding musician. Not only will he send your texts, wake you up and remind you to finally wash the dishes that have been piling up for weeks, but…

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iOS Beta 9.3 Just Released and Includes Night Mode Ability


iOS 9.3 Beta was just released by Apple, and one of the hottest additions to iOS 9.3 is the ability to go into Night Mode. This new features allows you to read at night with a warmer color…

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Peach Messaging App Lets You Use Magic Words to Stay Connected on iOS


A new app is available on iOS called Peach, which is a messaging app created by the Vine founder Dom Hoffman. Peach messaging app allows you to use magic words in order to update your feed. You can…

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An iOS to Android Tool Could Be Coming From Apple Developers


A new software application might be coming from Apple which would make it easier for iOS users to move to Android devices. This new application might include being able to move your personal photos, music and contacts from…

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Apple Dominates With $1.1 Billion in Sales Over Holidays


Apple just announced that within the two-week period around Christmas, people spent over $1.1 billion in the Apple App Store. On January 1, customers ended up spending over $144 million on in-app purchases and apps. The Apple App…

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Top Apple Predictions For 2016

apple, apple predictions, 2016 apple predictions, 2016 apple predictions

2016 will be a big year for Apple with the iPhone 7 will launch. What else might be in store for Apple in 2016? As we head into 2016, there are several rumors and predictions for Apple and…

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