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Camera Plus iOS App Review

September 28, 2014 |

These days it’s not just happy snappers who are satisfied with their smartphone cameras to take care of their general photography needs. The cameras on the latest devices are now powerful enough that even industry professionals will reach for … Read More

Lottery Live iOS App Review

September 15, 2014 |

The huge variety of apps available on the App Store makes It all too easy to fill your iPhone with throw-away oddities that you don’t need and will use once and forget. But your iPhone is at its most … Read More

Jumpy Jester iOS Game Review

September 6, 2014 |

Older gamers who grew up on a strict diet of pixelated 8-bit excitement will have fond memories of Cirus Charlie. It was a wonderfully simple game with a charming atmosphere, asking you to jump your little clown through or over … Read More

Whese iOS App Review

August 24, 2014 |

When Twitter first showed up, many couldn’t see the point. Like Facebook but pruned down to within an inch of its life, with no more than 140 characters to express yourself. It sounded rather useless. Now we can’t live … Read More

Rise Of Rome iOS Game Review

August 15, 2014 |

This new contender for mobile strategy war game supremacy comes in charging hard, swords drawn, loaded with enthusiasm and blood lust. The official App Store listing lets out a boastful battle cry – “Get ready to experience the greatest … Read More

Places Around iOS App Review

August 14, 2014 |

It’s not easy to find an uncrowded market within the App Store – with over a million apps to choose from, you’re likely to come across more than a handful of apps all claiming to do the same thing. … Read More

Always BHappy iOS App Review

August 11, 2014 |

How do you capture the essence of happiness? And, even more puzzling, how do you take that distilled essence and create a mobile app out of it? Sure, that sounds like a tall order, but against all odds it has been … Read More

Travel Buddies iOS App Review

August 5, 2014 |

Whether we’re innocently stalking our crush on Facebook or tweeting our deepest feelings into the depths of cyberspace, our iDevices have become integral to our daily social networking needs. Knowing this, app creators work tirelessly to come up with … Read More

Poker Anyplace iOS Game Review – A Few Cards Shy Of A Full Deck

July 30, 2014 |


Coming from its roots in smokey casinos and dingy basements, tournament poker has shot into the spotlight in recent years – both online and in high-profile televised events across the world. Many mobile developers have whipped up poker games … Read More

Guess Car Brand iOS Game Review – Top Marques? Not Quite.

July 27, 2014 |

There are free games lurking in the App Store which are so brilliantly crafted and brimming with content that it almost feels unfair that we don’t have to spend a cent to play them. And then there are games … Read More

InShort iOS App Review

July 24, 2014 | 2

Gone are the days when your mobile phone was only for making calls, sending text messages and playing Snake. These days, with the current technology, your mobile device is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment capable of all manner … Read More

ABODO iOS App Review

July 23, 2014 |

Birthed in Madison, Wisconsin, apartment rental listing site ABODO has been taking the stress out of the accommodation hunt since 2012. The web-based portal quickly grew and spread across the US, giving users access to detailed, … Read More iOS App Review

July 22, 2014 |

Sometimes we like our apps to be big, flamboyant affairs – high production values, incredible levels of interaction and detailed design infrastructure, all wrapped up in a sleek user interface. But sometimes a “less is more” approach is better … Read More

Slot of Magic iOS Game Review

July 15, 2014 |

Slot of Magic is a fun slots game for iOS published by Renatus Media LLC. Slot of Magic is as addicting as it is visually stunning. By playing you gain experience points which help you to level up. New slot machines are … Read More

Hero TD – Ancient Continent – iOS Game Review

July 15, 2014 |

Hero TD – Ancient Continent is a game developed by by YuchGame Studio. Ancient Continent is a new 3D Tower Defence game with an incredibly immersive storyline mode. It covers the traditional style of Tower Defence extremely well and adds elements of … Read More