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MacBook Air (2017) To Release Soon

An Image of the MacBook Air 2017

Tech enthusiasts have been recently speculating whether Apple is about to release a 2017 upgraded variant of the renowned 13-Inch MacBook Air. The rumours started to circulate due to the fact that retail markets have slashed the prices on Apple’s 13-Inch MacBook Air by almost $200. Initially, the device was …

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Spy Photos: 12-inch MacBook Air Spotted

But it’s just a laptop and this is the post PC era, for goodness sake! That is perhaps true, but people are getting really excited about Apple’s long-rumored 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina Display. Folks are also getting excited about what this 12-inch MacBook Air isn’t, too. The latest rumors …

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iPad Pro to feature a 2k display and eye-tracking

New reports have emerged that suggest Apple are reportedly set to release an superior, more powerful model to their iPad range, which would combine the iPad Air with the MacBook Pro. The iPad Pro is said to replicate the functionality of the iPad lineup with the MacBook Pro models. The …

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The new MacBook Air reportedly experiencing WiFi issues

2013 MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air is reportedly experiencing some teething issues with its new flagship feature. It was greatly advertised that the new MacBook Air featured 802.11ac capability – a new WiFi standard that has better performance over the previous 802.11n standard most of us are currently using at the moment. …

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