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Scribo iOS app review

Scribo is a Fast-Paced Head-to-Head Word Game

Published by Light Pillar, Scribo is a fast-paced and fun 'Head to Head Word Challenge' game for iOS devices. In a similar vein to Words with Friends, the objective of Scribo is to make...
Three Chicks and Friends

Three Chicks and Friends is an Enjoyable 3D Side-Scroller

Developed by Ginra Tech, Three Chicks and Friends is a new game for Android and iOS. Featuring side-scrolling arcade style gameplay and beautiful 3D visual environments, Three Chicks is a perfect...
clash royale strategy

Clash Royale Strategy Guide

Clash Royale Strategy Guide Clash Royale is an extremely popular game for iOS from Supercell - the same guys who published App Store favourites Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. Clash Royale takes...
Donkey League Poker

Donkey League Poker is Fast-Paced Texas Hold’em for iOS

Published by P.T. Farm Co, Donkey League Poker is an innovative and quick-fire Texas Hold'em Poker game for iOS. Unlike other poker apps where everyone has a generic or user-chosen avatar, Donkey...
Math Tales - The Jungle

Math Tales – The Jungle is a Game for Kids That Makes Learning Fun

Math Tales - The Jungle is a colorful game for iPhone and iPad from publisher Marshmallow Games. Designed with kids aged 3-5 in mind, Math Tales combines a charming nursery-rhyme style narrative...
Trump Jump iPhone game

Collect Votes and Avoid the Other Candidates in Trump Jump for iOS

Trump Jump - The Quest for Votes is a humorous and tongue-in-cheek new game for iOS. The app stars the 2016 Presidential campaign's most outspoken candidate, Donald Trump, as he ventures on...

Critter Hop iPhone Game Review

Published by Luxury King Games, Critter Hop is a 2D vertical platform game for iPhone. The mechanics are simple, but the game itself is quite challenging. You're in control of a little...
Retro Rugby iOS game

Retro Rugby iOS Game Review

Developed by Twentysix Digital, Retro Rugby is a new game for iPhone in 8-bit style with blocky-characters and nostalgic midi tunes. Retro Rugby is a simple game of 'get a try'. The...
Peppa Pig Seasons

Peppa Pig: Seasons – Autumn and Winter iOS App Review

Developed by Entertainment One, Peppa Pig: Seasons - Autumn and Winter is a charming seasonal edition of Peppa Pig and takes you on new adventures through the Fall and winter snow. Peppa is a...

‘Dashy Crashy’ – iOS Review

Why Dashy Crashy? If you like your mobile games fast, then do I have an app for you. "Dashy Crashy," an endless runner from developer Dumpling Design, is a great amalgamation of...

‘Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot To Kill’ – iOS Review

Why "Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot to Kill?" "Sniper 3D Assassin" is a first-person shooter in which players assume the role of a sniper. Consequently, in this game you must aim and then...

‘Rayman Adventures’ – iOS Review

Why "Rayman Adventures?" Ubisoft recently released "Rayman Adventures" for the iOS and Android. That is the latest installment to the Rayman platform game series that has plenty of fans. This addition to...

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