The Lost Treasure Island – iOS Review

Introduction The Lost Treasure Island is a first person puzzle survivalist adventure game from Project One Games. It begins with the player swimming to shore after apparently crash landing on…

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Moodsy – Share Your Emotions

[app url=”″] Introduction Moodsy is a social media app available on iOS. It works as a sort of amalgamation of Snapchat and Twitter, allowing the user to communicate through short,…

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Battery Forecaster 2

Battery Forecaster 2 iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction If there’s one thing that’s frustrating, it’s when your phone is about to die. Even after charging up your phone to full battery it can sometimes happen…

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Buckitdream App

Buckitdream iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction We’ve truly seen a surge of social networks for iPhones and iPads, from video communities to social games—I think it’s wonderful there is still so much inspiration…

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VisaPort App

VisaPort iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction Going on vacation is a great thing, but it can be a great nuissance getting all your things in order. Especially when visiting other continents or need…

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GoEuro – Android Review

[app url=””] Introduction GoEuro is a UK and Europe centric app that allows the user to quickly and easily acess information about trains, buses and airfares – as well as…

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Happy2Print – iOS Review

[app url=”″] Introduction Happy2Print is a free iOS application that is also available on the Android store.Below, we will be reviewing the iOS version. Happy2Print allows smartphone users to print…

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Weather Point 2.0 – Kickstarter Project

Introduction New York based start-up Mind Lab Solution announced it is going to build the smallest weather station in the world. Weather Point 2.0 is an individual keychain weather device…

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Grid Buster – iOS Review

[app url=”″] Introduction Grid is a new and fast paced puzzle game in the same vein as Candy Crush or Bejeweled Blitz: players need to match three or more squares…

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Packing Pro App

Packing Pro iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction For the most part everyone loves to take a good vacation or travel around, but we all know those sudden rushes of fear just after departure that…

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