iPhone Accessories

New iPhones means new accessories – here’s the options

So Apple just released their new iPhones - the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S (you probably heard) - but that's only half the excitement. That's right, because along with these new...
Sound Pockets

iPhone Accessories: Sound Pockets iPhone 5 Case Review

The Sound Pockets iPhone 5 "Freedom Case" in black comes from SoundPockets.com and retails for $29.95. If you're looking for a sleek, clever way to carry around your earbuds, this case...

iOS 7 and E3 2013: A Look At Apple’s Future

WWDC 2013 is still in swing, and Apple's iOS 7 was unveiled on Monday.  There have been many features pointed out about iOS 7 and its change from iOS 6, but...

Embrace+ bracelet – smart colourful notifications for your iPhone

Kickstarter is a place where tech dreams become a reality, where our wildest dreams about gaps in products from large corporations are filled with the creations of aspiring inventors. The Embrace+...

iTap charger keeps yours iPhone charged in style

There's some cool Apple iPhone accessories out there, but this one tops it. The iTap charger is the coolest accessory I have seen in a while. The idea is simple. It's a...
Sport Earphones

Sport-Fi – The Perfect Earphones for an Active Lifestyle

Music and fitness are a great pairing, but an active workout doesn't always mesh well with your average earphones. Cords that get in the way, loose straps or poorly fitted earphones...
sensus for iphone

CES 2013: Canopy Introduces the Sensus for iPhone

It’s hard to find a device that is without a touch screen nowadays. However, it is a shame that your fingers can get in the way of the things happening on...
AL13 iPhone Cases

iPhone 5 getting bumper with aerospace technology

The iPhone 5 marked the end of Apple produced slim bumper cases, but it didn't end the desire for cases that compliment rather than detract from the look of the phones....
apple smartwatch

Is an iPhone Smartwatch Necessary?

Rumors have started to surface regarding a partnership between Intel and Apple to launch an iPhone smartwatch. The device would likely connect with your iPhone through Bluetooth and be able to...

Amazon’s Latest Brainchild May Save Your Smartphone

Picture your smartphone flying through the air in slow motion. You've done it again. You knew carrying that cup of coffee, your keys, your dog's leash, your purse, your briefcase and...
iPhone 5 Apple Universal Removable Battery

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini To Have Exchangeable Batteries?

Wondering if you read that right? Can you swap the batteries of your iPad Mini with your iPhone 5? ...Well, not quite. But if it doesn't happen with the iPhone 5 and the...
iPhone 5 nano sim adapters

iPhone 5 Nano Sim Adapters Now Available

Thinking of getting the latest Apple smartphone but are a little put off by its use of the iPhone 5 nano sim? Well we've got you covered. The nano sim is a...

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