Best iPhone 4 cases to buy

OMG! The Best iPhone 4 cases Ever! [2018]

iPhone 4 cases are not just a “look-good” accessory but a practical requirement of the cell phone, you probably want to purchase it to protect your phone from any potential damage.However,...
Magnetic Charger being used on an iPhone

Magnetic Charger for iPhone and iPad

I'm sure we all hate plugging in and out our charging plugs into our iPhone and iPad devices. Well, the good news is that we have finally found a solution for...

iPhone 9 will ditch the fingerprint reader

Apple’s naming strategy took a hit when the company released the iPhone X (it’s a 10, and not ‘Ex’). That leaves us, Apple fans wondering what the next iPhones will be...

iOS 12 : What to expect?

If everything goes according to the plans laid years ago, Apple will hold its yearly developer’s conference in June. One of the most interesting thing to look out for would be...

Best games for Android and iOS: iPad, iPhone and Android Universal

You got yourself an iPhone or an Android phone in place of PS4 or Xbox One, right? Great! The next step is to make your all-in-one device run games too. You...
Best Luxury Cases for the iPhone X

Top Luxury Cases for the iPhone X – Best Selling (2018)

If you are searching for luxury cases for the iPhone X, then you will surely love to buy one of these! We at Tapscape have listed the best selling and most...
iPhone SE2

iPhone SE2: Things you need to know

The iPhone SE is the most compact phone in the world of huge monster phones. It received a lot of love from people who prefer phone to fit in their pocket...

The best photo editing apps for iOS and Android

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better at their game, however, most of the times the pics are not ready for instant share. The picture may need to cropped, rotated, or...

Should you buy the iPhone X or the iPhone 8?

It’s been more than 4 years since the release of the iPhone 5S, the device that Apple liked to describe as the most “Forward Thinking” phone in its campaigns. It truly...
iPhone 11 and iPhone XI

iPhone 11 (2018) Release Date, Specs, Price, News and Updates

Apple is out to release its flagship device for 2018. What could be the follow-up to the iPhone 8 and X called this time around? Some say it'll be known as...
iPhone X Cases

The Best iPhone X Cases and Covers [2018]

Looking for some cool Apple iPhone X cases to buy? Well, you just came to the right page! We know that choosing the right iPhone X cases on eBay and Amazon...
Journo Travel Journal iOS App Review

Journo Travel Journal iOS App Review

Journo is the number 1 travel journal application on iOS created by Journo Inc. The application’s core purpose is for traveling enthusiasts to jot down their own stories so they can...

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