While the iPhone 5 release date is yet to be announced by Apple, there has been no shortage of crystal-ball gazing in the tech press. Backed up by varying levels of evidence and credibility, reports have suggested an iPhone 5 launch anywhere from August through til the end of October.

Around this time last year iPhone 5 rumor mongering had truly reached epic proportions with the release of the iPhone 5 a foregone conclusion. Except it didn’t happen. Instead, we got the iPhone 4S. In the days and weeks that followed, the web issued a collective groan of frustration – but rushed out and bought one anyway.

Fast forward a year and here we are again – rumors of an iPhone 5 release date have been swirling with ever increasing frequency. Pulling together all the dominant threads amongst the hearsay and speculation, here’s just about everything we know so far about Apple’s sixth generation iPhone.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Release Date

Some rumors had suggested that the iPhone 5 release date would be as early as the WWDC in June, but it was always unlikely, with the software-heavy event focusing on iOS 6 as well as the launch of the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air ranges.

A recent rumor has suggested that an announcement on the iPhone 5 release date could come next month, but the sensible bet is on a 12 month refresh based on the launch of the iPhone 4S, which would place the iPhone 5 release date somewhere in October.

Comments yesterday from the Verizon CFO that the iPhone 5 would launch in Q4 of 2012 appear to back this up, but it’s possible that the announcement could come sometime in September with a launch to follow thereafter. However, rumblings from the Asian supply chain assert that the iPhone 5 has entered production and is on schedule for a September release.

iPhone 5 Design

The last few months have seen a huge amount number of iPhone 5 design rumors appear, with general consensus supporting an increase in the overall size of the device to support a larger 4-inch screen.

The change in dimensions appears to only affect the ‘tallness’ of the iPhone 5, with the increase in screen size being achieved by a change in vertical height only.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

Last year’s reports of an elongated ‘teardrop’ design do not appear to have come to fruition, with detailed iPhone 5 design schematics and leaked images of the iPhone 5 backplate showing a remarkably similar design to the iPhone 4/4S.

iPhone 5 Design Schematic

The images show that the prone-to-crack glass backing of the iPhone 4/4S has been replaced with a two-toned brushed aluminum, and the speaker grills on the bottom of the iPhone 5 are notably larger. While the accuracy of the photos cannot be confirmed, Chinese case suppliers have already begun producing iPhone 5 cases based on the design.

iPhone 5 Render Based on Case Leaks

While the assumption is that the body of the device will be fashioned from aluminum, Apple may actually use their proprietary LiquidMetal alloy for the chassis of the iPhone 5. However, the unique alloy has only been implemented in an Apple product once thus far – the SIM card ejector of the iPhone 3G.

The front-facing FaceTime camera on the iPhone 5 appears to have been relocated from the side of the device to a central position above the ear-speaker. In addition, the headphone jack has been moved from the top to the bottom of the iPhone. Recent images of the front bezel from a white iPhone 5 model demonstrate and support some of these changes.

White iPhone 5 Backplate and Black iPhone 5 Bezel

One other major departure from the design of all past iPhone models is the introduction of a completely new iPhone dock. The current 30-pin connector appears looks to have been replaced by a 19-pin ‘Mini Dock’ connector, which is rumored to be micro-USB compliant.

iPhone 5 Mini Dock Connector

As the iPhone 5 release date approaches we’re likely to see further leaks which will give a better indication of the final design.

iPhone 5 Screen

As detailed above, multiple reports and images give credence to the consensus that the iPhone 5 will feature a larger 4-inch display. In addition, a report from the Wall Street Journal has suggested that the iPhone 5 screen will utilize in-cell technology to yield a display which is both lighter and thinner than the current iPhone screen.

iPhone 5 Tech Specs, 4G LTE

A Qualcomm quad-core A6 processor is expected to power the iPhone 5, delivering speed improvements and a big jump in graphics performance. Like the iPad 3, the iPhone 5 will be a 4G LTE device able to deliver super-fast download speeds – provided compatible 4G networks are available in your area.

The iPhone 5 is also likely to feature new nano-SIM cards, with reports coming in that European mobile carriers are stockpiling nano SIMs “like crazy” in anticipation of the iPhone 5 release date later this year.

iPhone 5 NFC

As the iPhone 5 release date nears, it’s unclear at this point whether the iPhone 5 will incorporate NFC (Near Field Communications) technology for wireless payments. However, reports have indicated that Apple engineers working on the iPhone 5 are “heavy into NFC”.

It’s worth noting that several Android handsets already have NFC on board, and while the iPhone 4S would certainly have been too early, the timing may now be right for NFC on the iPhone.

iPhone NFC

iPhone 5 Camera

The iPhone 5 will undoubtedly feature upgrades to both its front and rear-facing cameras, with a report suggesting that we’re likely to see the front-facing camera bumped up from VGA to HD video quality. The rear camera may remain at 8MP resolution, however improvements are expected in both the aperture and sensor quality.

What features are you expecting to see when the iPhone 5 is announced? When do you think the iPhone 5 release date will be? Let us know in the comments below.


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    Could you please remove the social network bar on the side, it blocks the left most side of the article making it impossible to read. Thanks. By the way i am in firefox, if it helps.

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    Just by looking at those schematics it is the Iphone 4s. And the others are just mock ups of the Iphone 4s on steroids! Lol!

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    I think it will be released anytime from august to october.

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    Release date could be Friday October 5, 2012. Anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs. A small tribute.

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    The release date will be the day before or the day of the windows 8 release. Apple will steal the 24-48 hour news cycle so that Microsoft will have less traction. That’s what I would do…..

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    Apple better do a good job this time it’s not going to be easy, how long can u live on Jobs legacy

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    Phone features I would like to see (iPhone or otherwise ). 1. Waterproof. 2. No dock connector, after all it IS supposed to be a wireless product. 3. AM/FM/Weather radio.

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    Alexandra Dub

    i might get samsung s3 if iPhone 5 does not live up to its name! i will wait but hope apple don’t disappoint like iPhone 4s which was gay ass hell

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    maybe….I wish it could be sooner!!! Steve Jobs should die in August, that way would be better! Just Kidding~ haha

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    Windows 8 is actually a good looking product, I think.

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    couldn’t agree more. I will be getting a win 8 tablet asap. Would like pen input and at least 128 gig

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    Dude, please respect the greatest idol of the most valuable company…
    You are hurting many people’s feelings about late Mr. Jobs.

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    Friday Oct 5…That’s what I been thinking all along. Seeing as Jobs was heavily involved in this, his last project, it is only fitting. The one yr anniversary of his passing. May even be called iPhone J or 5J or….?…. Definitely October 5th …… What better way to Pay Tribute to the man that started it all.

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    Its in fall … with the release of Aerosmith’s new album. Their new album was bumped to a fall release. The new i phone will have Aerosmith’s new album pre-loaded if you get it through one of the big three carriers. Its new tv adds will feature the greatest american phone and greatest american rock band alliance in full hd splendor.
    They showed a pic of the new phone at wwdc 2012 … the first slide of the keynote.

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    iPhone 5 sucks don’t wait yeah he should die way sooner

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    September announcement, on sale Oct 5th. The one feature I want to see is a SIRI public API so I can control my home security, lighting, and A/V systems using voice commands, which I can do now with SIRIProxy but is cumbersome.

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    The guy was a genius, but also a Bastard!!

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    That’s just way too far out. If anything, they should have respected the original launching dates to celebrate the anniversary of SJ’s first release of the iPhone… Too bad they are not thinking over there and release a special edition version. I would buy the special edition version.

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    it doesnt worth.its too expensive.what the hell is it.its just a phone just a little advanced

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    You really have to stop texting while taking a p**s. 1. it’s gross. 2. even it was waterproof I’m not sure i would want to reach into the urinal or toilet to retrieve it. 3. Buy a pelican is you are that stupid to swim with it.

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    thumbs up if you think the iphone5 will be released on october 5th 2012 to pay a tribute to stevejobs.

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    I think it was released in June at the WWDC and the media just fogot to report it.

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    To be completely honest if they can do all that why can’t they make it smaller but still include all the upgrades!!!

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    We aint waiting,our upgrades elegibility are in sept if iphone5 is not out by then, then we going with galaxys3 or the new 4.7 inch new evo, androids phone are really kicking butt.

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    I heard it was August 7th by a very reliable source. Apple is trying to throw off the smell by leaving everyone to believe its later by having people from At&T and Verizon make statements that its coming out later in the year.

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    The thing I hate most about my iPhone 4s is the lack of screen width. After all, you hold your phone upright; a phone is not like a HDTV you would hold sideways. If you read something, you read it horizontally, left to right. Increasing the screen size to 4″ (which, by the way, is still too small for todays standards) by just increasing screen height would be the most useless d-bag move – ever. Your eyes won’t have an easier time reading stuff if the page is longer – it should be wider, if anything! With a form factor change, retaining the same old width that was the root of the problem is simply insane. If the iPhone 5 will have a 4″ screen, but the same screen width, we won’t be jumping on the Apple bandwagon on this one…..

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    Aaron Vavricka

    just checked my upgrade status with at&t and I’m eligible for a “early iphone upgrade” on december 7th… that’s a weird date if you ask me!

  28. Avatar
    Aaron Vavricka

    I just checked my upgrade status and I’m eligible for a “early iphone upgrade” available on december 7th…that’s a weird date if you ask me!

  29. Avatar
    Aaron Vavricka

    I’m with AT&T and that date does not coincide with the date I upgraded my last iphone.

  30. Avatar
    Aaron Vavricka

    just checked my upgrade status on AT&T.. I’m eligible for a “early iphone upgrade” on december 7th.. that’s an odd date to me being that I bought my last iphone in march .

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    Will be nice to include built-in high quality speakers, subwoofer, surround sound, FM and AM radio.

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    losers!! the best mobile that you cant get this days and is worth it are HTC cellphones no this garbage, i feel ashamed of all of you fools..

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    4 inch screen is already obsolete! I have left iphone because of the tiny screens compared to G 3 and G Note. I have a G Note and will never go back to iphone.

    Apple is behind the eight ball. Smart phone sales prove that people want bigger screens. After all, the screen other than basic speed, is what you use a smartphone for, The eyes have it, internet, ebooks, videos, texting, docs, pictures, the sceen size makes all the difference. Iphone is on the way down. Hanging on to an old design, when they should be leading! Plus why make me connect my iphone through itunes, I can access my folders directly with usb, and I love the 64 gb upgradeable options for about 75 for a highspeed sd card, match that apple. My note works great as a navigator with a screen as big as the 400 buck navigator only devices. I can really watch a movie, or share my photos without people squinting and my note slips very nicely in my jean or shirt pocket. Finally, those say it looks dumb as a phone, different not dumb, What is really important is what you see, and a tiny screen is not made up by enhanced resolution in the least. It is still tiny. One more thing, no more having to retype letters so often as in my iphone because the keyboard is spacious. Goodbye iphone.

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    I think September is better because most Canadian kids are going back to school and they also should put it out then more back to school sales and steel the samsungs heat

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    Could it be possible that the 19 pin dock connector or 8 pin connector is just a Thunderbolt port?

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    iPhones are still so far behind where the top Android phones are at. Super breakable device, unable to open the phone up, no widgets or customizable screens, no Adobe Flash support, fewer megapixels on the camera, etc. I’m so much happier with Android phones, and I’m sure I’ll still feel the same way once the next iPhone comes out.

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