Here’s how you can save money using your smartphone

Planning on saving money, huh? It’ll be tough not to spend money at the theatres, on the food, and at all the blah blah. But your best friend can help you...

Will Apple release an iPhone 9? It’s plausible!

Apple skipped the iPhone 7S by launching the iPhone 8 instead which broke company’s release cycle. The major question surrounding everyone is whether the company will release a iPhone numbered/named 9.It’s...

iMac 2018: What to expect from Apple?

Few years ago, Apple claimed that, the iMac was the most loved desktop machine (in terms of customer satisfaction) in the United States. To my guess, the iMac still does retain...

Apple declared leader of wearable tech market: Details and more

A report by the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker says that Apple ships the highest number of wearable tech worldwide. With more than 8 million shipments in...

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9: Which one’s for you ?

Since the introduction of the first iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy phones have always been the iPhone's arch rival. They've been in constant battle, striving to outperform each other while stretching the boundaries...
iPad Pro 2018

New bezel-less iPad in works: Inspired by the iPhone X

iPads have become niche, it hasn't hit the original expectations proposed by Apple and critics alike. It's still an amazing product but the smartphone can do almost everything and a lot...
Mac Pro tower

The new Mac Pro tower is very likely to be released at WWDC

Professional Mac users had been disappointed for a long time, all it took for them to smile was the release of the iMac Pro, however, a lot of users still prefer...

iPhone 9 will ditch the fingerprint reader

Apple’s naming strategy took a hit when the company released the iPhone X (it’s a 10, and not ‘Ex’). That leaves us, Apple fans wondering what the next iPhones will be...

Should you buy the iPhone X or the iPhone 8?

It’s been more than 4 years since the release of the iPhone 5S, the device that Apple liked to describe as the most “Forward Thinking” phone in its campaigns. It truly...
Apple iPhone 8

Could Apple Be Forced To Delay New Handset?

The iPhone is always the handset that is the most hotly anticipated when it comes to new ones being released, so it is no surprise that investors in Apple shares are...
An Image of the MacBook Air 2017

MacBook Air (2017) To Release Soon

Tech enthusiasts have been recently speculating whether Apple is about to release a 2017 upgraded variant of the renowned 13-Inch MacBook Air. The rumours started to circulate due to the fact...
iPhone 7S: Apple Set To Manufacture 100 Million Units By End Of Year

Apple Set To Manufacture 100 Million iPhone 7S Units By End Of Year

It has been reported that Apple has started production on its upcoming flagship device called "iPhone 7S". The iPhone 7S is believed to be in production and will be ready for...

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