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Get Organized with Plans for iPhone

Plans for iPhone app

Published by Target Horizon Ltd, Plans for iPhone is a useful productivity app designed to help you stay organised and work towards achieving personal or work goals. We all know that failing to plan often means planning to…

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Kids Bible Bookshelf – iOS Review

Why Kids Bible Bookshelf? Kids Bible Bookshelf is an interactive — you guessed it — bookshelf for your iOS device. The app is free to download, and comes with one built in book – “The Creation.” It’s a…

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Kimoji – iOS Review


Why Kimoji? As the name eloquently implies, Kimoji is an app built around emojis. The icon pack is added directly to your main iPhone keyboard, and truly allows you to convey some gut-wrenching emotions — I have a…

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Triller, Music Video Maker – Android Review

Triller on Android, courtesy of Triller

What is Triller Music Video Maker Triller Music Video Maker is a fun app for recording videos while an MP3 song plays in the background. It enables users to make videos over their favorite songs and share with friends. The…

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John GBC Lite GBC Emulator – Android Review

Pokemon on Android, courtesy of John GBC Lite – GBC Emulator

What is John GBC Lite GBC Emulator John GBC Lite GBC Emulator is a Game Boy Color emulator, just as its name implies. It allows users to play their favorite Game Boy Color games on their Android smartphone…

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HIIT Interval Training Timer – Android Review

HIIT Interval Timer's main screen

What is HIIT Interval Training Timer? HIIT Interval Training Timer is an app that is used to keep track of high intensity interval workouts. While this app will find most of its use in the gym, it can…

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Wunderlist – iOS Review

Why Wunderlist? Wunderlist, as the name probably gave away, is an app designed around lists. You create these lists, give them a title, then create tasks within them — for example, a list titled, “Movies to Watch” could…

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Bonus Slots – Casino Slot Machine App for Android

Bonus Slots

Casino games have always been a popular niche for Mobile games, and Bonus Slots do not disappoint. The game is very simple to learn yet fun and addictive to play. Made by Clockwatchers, the company has also made…

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Sync.me – Free Caller ID App and Call Blocker

With more than 10 million regular users and 1 billion phone numbers in its database, Sync.me is a powerful app that allows you more control and provides more information about calls you receive. Do you hate having to…

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Quokky iPhone App Review

Quokky App Review Tapscape

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quokky/id850440828?mt=8″] Introduction Hello Tapscape readers! Today I’m back with another great app review for you, namely Quokky, which allows you to store all your life’s data in a tight, cohesive place. So without further ado, let’s dive…

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