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OpenEmu Lets You Play PS1, PSP And N64 Games On Mac

OpenEmu is an open source video game emulator designed specifically for OS X, that allows you to relive classic titles from various retro devices. Since the 2.0.1 update, you can add the PS1, Nintendo 64 and PSP to the list of supported consoles….

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Ease US Data Recovery Wizard For Mac Finds Your Lost Data

Data Recovery for Mac

Data Recovery Wizard for Mac from Ease US is an extremely simple yet powerful tool for recovering lost information on your Mac. Almost everyone has been in the situation of losing important data from their computer – and it…

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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Product Review

Introduction Had a nice long summer vacation somewhere and just returned home? One of the best things about getting back is of course uploading your photos to your computer and reliving the complete experience. The size of a…

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Thunderstrike 2 Targets Mac Firmware, Seen in the Wild

Are you running OS X 10.11 El Capitan Beta? At least for the moment, you don’t have to worry about Thunderstrike 2, a new and actually virulent bit o’ malware. Thunderstrike 2 infects peripheral device and Mac firmware,…

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Apple Back to School 2015: Buy a Mac, Get Beats

The long wait for the Apple Back to School promo is over and it’s, well, not what most had been hoping for. In previous years, Apple offered $100 Apple gift cards to educational Mac buyers, as well as…

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Q3 Apple Results: Tim Cook Is Feeling Very Bullish

Tim Cook’s Cupertino crew again delivered diamond studded, solid gold third fiscal quarter Apple results, though the haters are sure to carp the Apple Watch only contributed an estimated $1 billion. The company’s iPhone and Mac product lines…

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Apple Rumors: iPhone 6s, 2015 iMac, iPad Air 3?, iPad mini 4!

iPhone 6S iPhone 7

I went outside today for 10 minutes today and then took a 20 minute shower to wash it off. Summer, in all it’s hot sticky glory, has arrived. Better to say inside, where the air is cool and…

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Haven: Creative Writing Tool – Mac OS Review

[app url=”″] Introduction For those trying to complete the next great novel, there is usually only two road blocks: inspiration and procrastination. These two tenacious and mischievous brothers suck up your time and make sure that you’re left…

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Apple Developers Get Second iOS 9, OS X El Capitan Betas

Two weeks and a day after Apple pushed iOS 9, watchOS 2 and OS X El Capitan — a busy bunch of beavers, aren’t they? — is back with Developer Preview 2, respectively, for each. While little is…

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OS X El Capitan: Metal for Mac Arrives

Perhaps the most successful tech introduced with last Fall’s iOS 8 release was Metal, a graphics abstraction layer that makes developing and delivering performance faster and with fewer resources. Metal for Mac is arriving with the release of…

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