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Change your iPhone Carrier logo without Jailbreaking

carrier icon

One of the more appealing reasons for Jailbreaking, for me at least, was the ability to customise the carrier logo on my iPhone, especially since living in the UK I constantly had ‘Orange T-Mobile’ scrolling across my status bar (before thankfully being rebranded EE). But unfortunately, since the iOS 6 …

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Apple in 2013 – 4 things that should happen


Apple has undoubtedly had an incredible year in 2012, both in innovation and financial turnover; It released two versions of the iPad,  a new iPad mini; a completely redesigned iPhone and iPod touch, as well as iPod Nanos, super-thin MacBook Pros with Retina display, and a newly designed iMac. In addition, there is no short of rumours surrounding …

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T-Mobile to offer cheapest iPhone 5 in 2013

Following recent news that T-Mobile has struck a deal with Apple (finally) to officially provide the iPhone on the T-Mobile network, it is reported that the iPhone 5 will be the cheapest anywhere. T-Mobile, the smallest of the ‘big four’ carriers in the US, already offers the cheapest plan for iPhones …

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Is the iPhone 5 slipping in demand?

iPhone 5

Even though early pre-order demand for the iPhone 5 was through the roof, with over five million pre-orders, Apple’s newest smartphone may have already peaked at selling, with the iPhone 4S about to claim more sales in China and other markets. Apple’s expensive smartphone already received mixed reviews and some tech sites, …

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Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 to Have 6.3 Inch Screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

We all know that the Galaxy Note is a big phone. Samsung has been very proud of their Note series and have considered it a great complement to their flagship Galaxy S series. Even though the Note 2 has already been released and reportedly had commercial success within the first …

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