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Sword of Xolan iPad App Review

May 21, 2015 |


The current app markets are pretty heavily saturated with retro games—from old school platformers to full-fledged role-playing games, there are enough interesting games to be play for the nostalgia indulged players. What is less frequent, however, are such great … Read More

Rounds Video Chat iPhone App Review

May 20, 2015 |


Hi Tapscape, I’m back with another review for you today. Today we’re featuring the chatting app Rounds Video Chat, which has quite a lot more in store than just video chatting. The app is completely free, compatible with iPhone … Read More

Bob & Botek: Ice Hockey iPhone App Review

May 8, 2015 |


What’s good, Tapscape! Today I’m reviewing Bob & Botek: Ice Hockey, which is like the name suggests a game where you play ice hockey. Now the interesting thing about this game is that Bob & Botek are two popular … Read More

Zibo iPhone App Review

May 6, 2015 |


Every so often you come across an app that gets you really addicted—the funny thing is that the concepts of these games more often than not are rather simple. Today I got a review of such an app for … Read More

Moodie Foodie iPhone App

May 4, 2015 |


What’s good, Tapscape! Today I’m back with another review for you guys and it’s going to be Moodie Foodie—Queen Momo and her Secret Recipe by Nubee Ptde Ltd. In this fantasy game it’s all about food and believe me … Read More

RakEM iPhone App Review

May 3, 2015 |


Today we’ve got another app review for you, this time it’s the encrypted and safe chat application called RakEM by Raketu Communications Inc.

Signing up and using RakEM

After a smooth download and install it didn’t take long at … Read More

Karma Kounter iPhone App Review

April 30, 2015 |

Karma Kounter is an iPhone app from developer Skipnosis Studios that aims to help us all live more meaningful and fulfilling daily lives.

With the ability to accumulate and ‘earn’ Karma points for completing tasks or working on projects, you … Read More

Android Beats iPhone (Kind of)!

April 29, 2015 | 1

Nevertheless, fans of Apple’s industry standard iPhone, iPad and iOS app ecosystem have little if anything to worry about. How’s that? While Android beats iPhone app download volume and, now, app revenue is bigger than iOS, Apple’s ecosystem generates … Read More

Quokky iPhone App Review

April 26, 2015 |


Hello Tapscape readers! Today I’m back with another great app review for you, namely Quokky, which allows you to store all your life’s data in a tight, cohesive place. So without further ado, let’s dive into the review!

Using … Read More

Prot-On iPhone App Review

April 19, 2015 | 1


Sometimes it can be hard holding all your files and resources for whatever need in one collected place. Whether your storing pictures on multiple e-mail addresses or just can’t seem to find out in which map you left that … Read More

Audvisor iPhone App Review

April 14, 2015 |


We all have those lovely moments on some of our days when we come across something inspiring. Wether it be a quote you read on the internet or a moving video send to you by a relative—sometimes we wish … Read More

Klavier iPad App Review

April 11, 2015 |


Hello once again Tapscape readers, I’m back with another review for you guys today! This time we’ll be reviewing Klavier by Vectro Group. In this app you’ll be exploring the ins and outs of the so called harpsichord, a … Read More

Textkraft Professional iPad App Review

April 7, 2015 |


Hello once again fellow Tapscape readers, today I have an interesting review to share with you. Today we’re reviewing Textkraft Professional, a word processing application for your iPad and iPhone.

I think it’s funny how my hands still get … Read More

500 Coloring Pages iPad App Review

April 4, 2015 |


What’s up Tapscape readers, today we have an app review for you that might be just a tad more interesting for your children. Today we’re reviewing 500 Coloring Pages by Playground, a small mobile app development studio based in … Read More

Light Run iPad App Review

April 3, 2015 |


Hello Tapscape readers! I hope you are all doing great! Today we’ve got another game review for iPad and iPhone called Light Run. Light Run is developed by Gossip and I’ve had plenty of fun playing this game. So … Read More