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Wineosphere iPhone App Review

Wineosphere App

[app url=”“] Introduction If there’s one thing in life that can bring forth truly wonderful things then it’s passion. Whether you’re designing an app or in this case, are completely hooked on drinking and testing the best wines…

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iOS 8.4 Ships with Apple Music, Beats 1

Apple’s answer to Spotify is finally here! iOS 8.4 not only delivers a bunch o’ bug fixes and feature tweaks, but also Apple Music — Cupertino’s most recent if not definitive play in the streaming music space. Is…

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Judg iPhone App Review

Judg App

[app url=””] Introduction A lot of us have those days where we’re just absolutely lazy, scrolling through Facebook time and time again like a zombie and being bored out of your mind. And after all, if Facebook starts…

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Multitimer iPhone App Review

Multitimer App

[app url=”″] Introduction While for some people having a stop-watch is enough, there are also those people that need to time a lot of different things in their lives. Think about the mother keeping an eye on that…

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Routes 2 iPhone App Review

Routes 2 App

[app url=”″] Introduction With summer vacation coming up we are all getting in that mellow mood we all enjoy every year—whether you’re staying at home or you’re going on vacation, there’s nothing like having some weeks off to…

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UrbanDenoiser Player iPhone App Review

UrbanDenoiser Player App

[app url=”″] Introduction If there’s one thing music fanatics absolutely loathe it’s when they’re getting comfortable in the train and ready to listen to some nice music—but then you suddenly see a familiar face and get forced into…

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Piquk iPhone App Review

Piquk App

[app url=”″] Introduction With our current technology it’s incredible easy to snap a beautiful photo—whether you’re out in a park or see a sunset pass on a skyline, these days you can just grab your phone and take…

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Saferoom iPhone App Review

Saferoom App

[app url=”″] Introduction While the market is already heavily saturated with tools for writing out ideas and undertaking business plans, it isn’t always the most convenient or safe way to store them in those dedicated services. It is…

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Auto Repair iPad App Review

Auto Repair App

[app url=”″] Introduction We all know that if there’s  a way to educate or expand the mind of kids it’s through something they actually enjoy doing. We keep seeing more educative apps and games coming online and I…

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Find My Stuff iPhone App Review

Find My Stuff App

[app url=”″] Introduction If there’s one thing that constantly happens to me no matter how much I try to avoid it it’s losing things. Furthermore, there seems to be some objects that get randomly sucked into a vortex…

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