Reveal – Ask Me Anything

[app url=”″] Introduction As social media marches ever forward, inevitably a constant stream of new social apps and websites will appear. One such application is Reveal, a fun and innovative…

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Turn Off Apple Music Automatic Renewal

The Apple Music free three month trial is very generous — it’s full service at zero cost for three months. However, you should take note it’s a “free trial (credit…

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Wineosphere App

Wineosphere iPhone App Review

[app url=”“] Introduction If there’s one thing in life that can bring forth truly wonderful things then it’s passion. Whether you’re designing an app or in this case, are completely…

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iOS 8.4 Ships with Apple Music, Beats 1

Apple’s answer to Spotify is finally here! iOS 8.4 not only delivers a bunch o’ bug fixes and feature tweaks, but also Apple Music — Cupertino’s most recent if not…

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Judg App

Judg iPhone App Review

[app url=””] Introduction A lot of us have those days where we’re just absolutely lazy, scrolling through Facebook time and time again like a zombie and being bored out of…

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Multitimer App

Multitimer iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction While for some people having a stop-watch is enough, there are also those people that need to time a lot of different things in their lives. Think…

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Routes 2 App

Routes 2 iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction With summer vacation coming up we are all getting in that mellow mood we all enjoy every year—whether you’re staying at home or you’re going on vacation,…

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UrbanDenoiser Player App

UrbanDenoiser Player iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction If there’s one thing music fanatics absolutely loathe it’s when they’re getting comfortable in the train and ready to listen to some nice music—but then you suddenly…

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Piquk App

Piquk iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction With our current technology it’s incredible easy to snap a beautiful photo—whether you’re out in a park or see a sunset pass on a skyline, these days…

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Saferoom App

Saferoom iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction While the market is already heavily saturated with tools for writing out ideas and undertaking business plans, it isn’t always the most convenient or safe way to…

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